Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A serving of hope, please?

Just a sprawling post about how it hasn't really been a hopeful approach to a New Year.

It is March and we are attacked daily by T.V. and printed news reports of how bad economy is. The stock market is the worst it's been in years. People buying and financing houses can't even afford to pay off their mortgages, which means banks are losing loaned money.

There's a bunch of talk from me and my friends alike about definitely getting better paying jobs, but these seem less and less likely to exist. I've been applying to other jobs, and although it could be the resume or cover letter, it doesn't seem like a lot of companies can afford what new applicants are looking to get paid. I suppose, at the jobs some people are already at, the bosses use this fact to bully the employees and force them to work as much as possible because "plenty of other people could fill this position". But, to avoid this oppression, I keep hope and continue to apply to other jobs anyway.

Bush has proposed/passed some stimulus package that will purportedly create more jobs and provide bigger tax refunds and bonuses to lower class families. If I remember correctly, the focus of this program is the building of the middle-class, so the budget for lower-class programs like Welfare are receiving cuts to help finance this. But beyond this, the other day, he appeared on T.V. with the pair of wide floppy ears he shares with Obama, and said our basic economic structure is good. If the country was a complete dirt-covered, smog-filled wasteland and everyone stood around burning barrels to keep warm, he'd probably still be saying this. Well actually, by the time this imagery becomes real-life, global warming would've probably done it's disastrous works, so we wouldn't need the burning barrels. The real question is whether Obama's across the board tax cuts or Hillary's specific budgeting decisions will do the trick.


One morning, while erasing and editing my blogs on MySpace in the opening process of this one, I decided to take a peek at some of the currently most popular MySpace blogs. A list of them came up and I clicked on the top one.

It was some girl who was on MySpace music. I skimmed through the spelling and grammatical errors of her blog post, catching things like "I left abuse" and something else about heartbreak: nothing actually worth reading. Back on to her main page, I listened to one of her songs and immediately knew that I'd rather spend an hour watching tar dry on the pavement than to listen to a whole album of that audio apocalypse she called pop.

I got on the train to work, and across the car someone unfolded that day's newspaper, giving me a plain view of the front page. A picture of the MySpace music girl was on the front page, who turned out to be the prostitute in the Governor Spitzer scandal.

So, on top of our country having a trillion-dollar deficit, the little bit of tax money that is supposed to go to repairing New York is being spent on an average-looking woman with the voice of an incinerated bagpipe. Of course, in the process of newspapers and broadcasts repeatedly talking about this event (and her specifically), the aspiring singer and high-priced escort made $200,000 from her single and is in talks to do a spread for Playboy. Talent has long since been separated from rising stardom.

The New Governor, David Paterson, the first African-American and blind Governor of New York, came into office after Spitzer resigned and immediately publicly confesses that he and his wife have had affairs on each other.

-Was he trying to show that he's honest?

-To show he cheats with his own money?

-Are having extra-marital affairs what make you a true governor?

I wrote (below) that reading has gone down in the last couple of decades. Reading (not skimming) opens and cultures the mind with understanding. I still feel like a strong intellectual stimulus and exchange of logical and creative ideas is what would really help everything else. But this, like a job with better pay, seems less and less likely to happen......

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