Saturday, May 31, 2008

How do you get through?

When people say stupid things, I feel compelled to point out what’s wrong with their logic. But lately, despair has made me weary. I’m starting to believe it’s impossible to enlightened people that only listen to themselves……or their own voice to be exact. If someone isn’t selfish, they’re superficial, if not that, then stupid, if not that, stubborn, although it is possible that all of these things are intertwined. You don't know if something is out of your hands or not unless you try to make a difference.

I was talking to another co-worker/friend of mine yesterday. Sometimes, she understands basic things and is able to think objectively, but for the most part, her beliefs are grounded in the intertwined traits named above.

She asked me who I was voting for in this upcoming election and I said Obama. I said that he and Hillary basically seem like the same candidates, although Hillary has become a bit maniacal in her public appearances lately (McCain is beyond the slightest consideration at this point). Anyway, being the Clintonite she is, she asked me if I’d still vote for him if Hillary agreed to give everyone a million dollars out of her pocket, and I said yes.

I then attempted to explain to her that you can’t just hand everyone money and think it’ll be ok. She could hand a million dollars each to a bunch of members of a terrorist sect without knowing it.

The money should go towards funding our infrastructure and progressive social reform. She replied that the terrorists will get their money anyway and that it doesn’t matter.

So, I guess it’s ok to willingly help them out.

I tried explaining that, although you may never completely destroy terrorism, you can certainly help to combat the most powerful figures behind it. But she wasn’t hearing any of this, just herself.

Speaking of stupid things you can do with money, at lunchtime she then asked me what I thought about the country allowing insurance to pay for overweight people’s diets. I, once again, hoping to get through to her, explained that we should not just pay for everyone who wants to up and go on a diet. She then told me that being overweight is unhealthy, therefore, the government should have it taken care of.

Being obese, which may cause things like coronary heart disease or other life-threatening conditions, can be understandably covered by insurance. However, being simply overweight isn't anymore unhealthy than the 10,000 other environmental factors we're exposed to everyday. And for the most part, people who are overweight and feel absolutely compelled to go on diets are comparing themselves to this perfected image of a body that popular media, chauvinist pigs, and superficial waste-of-lifes have put out there.

Things like more jobs, housing, better quality and more access to education, affordable transportation and others things are in substantial decline right now. I hardly think a portion of the national budget should be taken out for people who just want to constantly compare themselves to some idiotic aesthetic.

Back to money, again. We had a previous debate about money being the root of all evil, which she thinks it is. I, one last time before deeming her mentally deficient, tried to explain that money doesn’t do anything but sit and be money. She admitted that people are quite evil (excuse the ‘evil’ and ‘good’ word usage, this is a liberal Christian and conservative Christian talking to each other), but that money makes them do bad things.

People are the root of all evil, religiously and secularly (1 Timothy 6:10: “For THE LOVE OF money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs”). People are greedy, and it is that which causes them to do soulless, damaging and moronic things for it.

I’ve come to the conclusion that she completely bases her beliefs on laziness, selfishness and simplicity. If it is something she can’t understand, or doesn’t benefit her personally, or involves her giving or doing the slightest amount of labor, then she doesn’t like it. A true American.


  1. Don't Feed The PixiesJune 2, 2008 at 3:56 AM

    I don't pretend to understand American politics, but do think the amount of money spent on electioneering is obscene - surely it would be better invested in the things you mention.

    Being over-weight can be life threatening. We're talking diabetes, heart disease etc etc. In the UK our Government is also looking at paying over-weight people to lose weight (presumably they think it's cheaper than paying for the NHS bed they will take up in hospital). Again - to me this is obscene as we're basically rewarding people for being stupid.

    The truth is that most of us are engrained in our beliefs by upbringing, social background and life experience - only a few people will ever look through the window to see what is outside their blinkered view. I'm not claiming to be exempt here

  2. Bobbb - Citizen of EarthJune 3, 2008 at 3:00 PM

    He said – She said

    His pastor said – Her husband said

    Ummm, he’s black – Duh, she’s a woman

    I’m for change – I’m for change

    I have more delegates – I have Super Delegates

    I’m winning – I wont give up

    He said – She said

    Anyone else around here believe we are being devided over rediculous NON issues in order to ensure the republicans another four years?

    Race, Gender, Age – really shouldn’t measure into it
    Wake up – it’s all just a smokescreen
    What about the REAL issues?
    Global Warming
    Lost jobs
    Failing industry


    I wish I was a TV camera
    I’d be getting more love than I’ve ever imagined possible


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