Saturday, June 14, 2008

Being Grateful

The same person from before had recently asked me "What are three things that you're grateful for?" I said that I was grateful for the strength and faith to go on in life. She told me to be more detailed.

I immediately found something wrong with this, having to sit and search my life for certain material objects to be grateful for.

I first said "a roof over my head", but then I thought about the people who didn't have that as well as much less. I expressed this and she told me that they weren't my concern. So my material blessings are the only things that matter? Do the homeless and family-less have nothing to be thankful for since they don't have the things that I have? I told her that I think what she said was superficial (which I also suspect she doesn't really have a correct definition for in her head). Being thankful to God does cannot stand solely in the fact that my mother still lives, or that I have a home. They are blessings, but not the important ones. Those things can come and go.

Of course, some people with much less of a material standing than me do throw God away, and there are some that are quite happy where they are at in life, regardless of it being difficult to earn/keep a living. It's what they're thankful for that we all should be thankful for (secularly and religiously), which is the strength and faith to go on in life, regardless of whether the dynamics work for or against us.

Anyway, I tried explaining this to her, but of course, she didn't listen. She tried rephrasing the question: "No, no, if you want to talk about how bad things are for people and how life sucks and stuff, I listen. But for right now, I'm asking you what you're personally thankful for." This rectified nothing.

I suppose she had a hard time trying to fit my answer (strength and faith) into her own brand of thinking, which was probably quite difficult since it didn't fit in with whatever illogic she made up for herself.

People suck.


  1. The Disturbed OneJune 15, 2008 at 12:50 PM

    u suck.

  2. Interesting thoughts. I agree with you a lot. We can't be really grateful about material things, cause they have no real worth. There are more important things. Though I can't really say what I see as most important in my life... That's a really difficult question.
    I wish I had your strength and faith to go in life. :) Right now antidepressants work as my strength. xD

  3. Don't Feed The PixiesJune 16, 2008 at 4:10 AM

    I think the truth can be somewhere in between. We can be grateful for the transient, material things that make our lifes comfortable. Is this selfish? Possibly.

    Also - if someone lives in a tree house and has only goats do we, with out HD TVs really have the right to say they are worse off than us?

    Strength and faith are important - but i guess we don't know exactly how important until we are tested

  4. you're good for even trying. my introverted nature would just avoid answering the question in *my* way so I wouldn't have to go to the trouble of explaining it. I don't shy away from a good debate, but only when the people are willing to really engage or listen ... otherwise, I just fake it :)

  5. I agree with you...things we are grateful for varies each moment...and I even blog about it...and most of the time, i am grateful for little, waking up energized...getting things done at work on time...then i go more deep on being grateful for gifts of life, health, friends, etc!

  6. If you go to my blog and read my dislikes, one of them is "people who wait to talk" and by that I mean they don't really listen in a conversation. They're just waiting for their turn to say what they want. Sure does suck.

    I agree that though it's wonderful to have "things" and good people in your life, you should always be thankful that you woke up this morning and had the strength to deal with whatever was put in front of you, regardless of if it's positive or negative.

  7. people do suck. that's why i've converted...i am no longer a human. I am a fish. Long live the fish people!


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