Sunday, July 27, 2008

A critique on the Silver Lining.

Parental Advisory: please excuse the preaching tone of this post. It is how my idea is best expressed.
"Why don't you try thinking positively?"

Lillian said this in reference to what I said about calling my ex. See, I was explaining to her that some days ago my pride caved in and I texted my ex to see if she wanted to hang out and have dinner, although I was trying to never call her again since she doesn't really call me. I was upset with myself for this decision. Penelope (the ex) has been busy dating people who do nothing for her (maybe she should stop judging them so closely, despite the fact she's been on lots of dates and is starting to lose patience with the men she keeps coming across), while I sit at home collecting dust on my eyebrows (not so much lately though). So, both out of jealousy and humor, I said to Lillian "whatever, I hope she dies."

Now, whoa, WHOA! Hold on, just.....please.....lend me your ears. I'll return them in original condition, I promise.

Of course I don't really think that, and some of you may believe the nature of such a statement disqualifies it for joking intent, especially from someone of religious claim. But I joke morbidly. It's who I am. Just an expression. The Goths would understand. The Disturbed One knows how I am. Anyway, from this, Lillian (who is used to me saying such things) told me to think positively.

Main point: Yes, I've named this blog "Dynamics", which references the complete chain events of life that are mentally incomprehensible; the individual links inside the degrees that connect all. This thinking implies that everything has importance. So perhaps, it is with some hypocritical skepticism that I render this idea of "thinking positively" useless.

I suppose I am to see the positive in everything, and that'll in turn make me personally feel better, which will then affect the decisions I make. In the Christian viewpoint, this may imply that I should always remember that God is with me, helping me to see and guiding me. But this advice may encourage a most selfish and lazy attitude in the hands of the irresponsible. Sit back, do whatever you want and don't worry about it. Christ has covered the bill. Surely this is the design of descent into chaos.

God has given you faculties of your own to help realize His vision (or realize Himself, as we are all different shades of Him) in your unique way. To progress the world towards the ideal. So, when problems occur, we should not be thinking "How can I make myself feel better?", but instead "How can I get past this?". And it is after we've done all we can to get past it that we ask and Providence enters the picture.

Be active, not passive.


  1. The Disturbed OneJuly 27, 2008 at 2:14 PM



  2. "Why don't you try thinking positively?" ~ a seemingly concerned question thrown by people who are supposed to care...yet, sometimes, we hear this line over and over and it's meaningless. It's just that it is sometimes hard to pull one's self out from it's own pit. How can one see the silver lining when he/she is trapped in the dark?

    It's true, only us can help ourselves...but how do we do that? In my life, I realize, it only takes a turn of event or moment in our lives for us to decide enough is enough and that's it, I'm raising above this BS, our only hope is, hope that happens in time.

    I have nothing to offer...but just my presence...and I offer it to anyone who are willing to share their space...for in the past...I get by knowing there are people around me (real or virtual) and they care and they understand...and with them, there is no right or wrong.

    Have a nice week! ;)

  3. Don't Feed The PixiesJuly 28, 2008 at 5:57 AM

    I think we all have moments like that - my next-door-but-one neighbours make me harbour some pretty dark thoughts sometimes.

    It's not enough to think positively - you have to act it as well. And sometimes positive may not be the right thing to be thinking anyway.

    Some people see a glass of milk half full, some see it half empty - others say "what the hell, the milk's sour anyway"!

  4. hmmmm... interesting post.
    Like you, I believe in action, not just attitude.

    I believe that just thinking positively doesn't necessarily help, if you are denying what you are feeling.

    I think that admitting things as they are - and then finding out ways to make the situation better for yourself or others - is much better than just "thinking positively" and "sending out wishes to the universe" ...

    but mind you ... it's all just my thinking! what am I doing about it???

  5. Bobbb - Citizen of EarthJuly 28, 2008 at 9:46 PM

    right on

    "Christ has it covered"
    Prety much the attitude I've been up against lately

  6. I think aside from thinking positively, we must be realistic. Everything is not positive. Your life would probably be a little easier if you're ex was far, far away and always had been. This is more what you meant than you wish she was dead, I'm sure.

    As you wrote, making proactive decision instead of just sitting in a bad moment is more important than thinking positively and acting as if the moment wasn't a negative one.

  7. I have my bad moments as well. Of course we should and need to think positively, but it's not like we can do so too easily, if life isn't going as we want it to, and if people are letting us down.
    I like what you are saying. I also think it's a lot better to ask; "How can I get past this?".

    It is so true, we need to be active. If we are passive, we shouldn't complain really, cause then we haven't done all that we can.


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