Sunday, July 20, 2008

Their side as well.

Alas, the other two women. I talk to both frequently, but their emotional struggles are quite independent of my influence.

[Marisol] lives in South West New York City, occupationally manipulating alarm systems from a third-party company. She found the person she was ready to dynamically augment her seed with and they've been together for years, but the children have not come. They live with her mother, mother's boyfriend, and her brother. Marisol's fiancee keeps saying they can start the family when he and Marisol move into their own place, and they've made a joint savings account so they may put their money aside together. But he keeps spending money that could go into the account on frivolous things. This prolongs the process as well as her stress: Marisol and her fiancee are the only ones in the household working (last I checked). This not only eliminates privacy but adds a sort of unnecessary responsibility, as Marisol occasionally has to take some out of the little bit of savings she has to pay bills that others in her household should be covering, which in turn stirs arguments with her mother (amongst other things that stir them). Thus far, Marisol either still has hope in the future for her fiancee's participation in her dream, or has given up on starting her own family entirely...........but this does not necessarily have to be. I mean, I would never suggest she do anything immoral, but what she wants is something quite natural and meaningful for herself. And if she cannot get this in the existential place she's in now, perhaps she"reinvent" her place (she's constantly getting offers from guys who are willing to help this along).

And last but not least, [Lillian], the softball fanatic and religious zealot without the zealotry. She's also found someone to settle down with, but he apparently is not settled within himself. They first met in their softball league a long while ago. At the time, [Maurice] and two other guys were interested in Lillian, but as it became apparent that two of them were focused on being inside Lillian and not with her, she chose Maurice. A close and intimate relationship between the two developed and a family of her own, which is what she would love, was in her grasp just yet. This, however, was soon shattered by familial matters. Maurice's father, with whom he was very close, had passed away. He felt lost without him, and in trying to cope with this he looked to his siblings for support, but they stopped talking to him for mysterious reasons. So, investigating this and find good emotional grounding for himself left no room for him to continue with Lillian and he broke up with her. This was over a year ago, and even though he still claims to love her and want to be with her, he has not come back.

Bloody hell..............trying to find certainty in a world that changes everyday. Is life all war with periods of peace, or all peace with periods of war? That has nothing to do with anything, but I thought it was a great quote.


  1. The Disturbed OneJuly 20, 2008 at 10:03 AM

    how would Marisol "reinvent" her place?

    and is Lillian shattered by what happened?

  2. "Is life all war with periods of peace, or all peace with periods of war?"...I'm still stuck at this line...

  3. I love the way you write! It seems like life can never be simple where things fall into place on their own.

  4. I think the quote has everything to do with your posting.

    Life is war and peace.
    As the buddhists say, there is no cure for hot and cold, there is no cure for life.

    Maybe it's how we seem to categorize life into happy and unhappy .. I'll be happy WHEN I ... (fill in here for whatever you think is missing). The thing is, there's always something missing.

    I'm not saying that one has to be complacent about their life... but one can't also expect everything to fall in place once they get the perfect job / get married / have kids / move / lose weight / etc. etc. etc. etc.

    interesting thoughts!

  5. Don't Feed The PixiesJuly 21, 2008 at 3:51 AM

    I love that line about dynamically augmenting her seed - never heard it described that way before!

    The only certainty is that everything changes!

  6. I feel sorry for Marisol... I mean, how can she possible find her life to be satisfying if she supports her family with her money, and as it seems let others live their lives for her...

    I guess it's really hard to find someone to spend the rest of the life with, as both Marisol and Lillian were/are trying to do, because it is true, the world is indeed in a constant change, and people changes a lot as well.

  7. The lesson I have learned one too many times is that we refuse to acknowledge the fact that people are driven by self-interest to a very high degree. And as much as we'd like for things to go a certain way in the very end everyone wants something for themselves. If we're compatible it works out. A lot of times it isn't compatible. And we have relationships that aren't perfect.


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