Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm not American, I guess

One day, standing in the furniture workshop at my job, I listened to ad on AM radio from McCain’s sponsors. It implied that Obama is not really “American” since, what was it?, he once (or couple of times, I don’t know) had the opportunity to visit the troops currently warring in Iraq and instead went to the spa or some high-class sauna or what-have-you. I was quite disappointed and pissed that McCain would resort to Identity Politics, to saying such idiotic things, but I then remembered that him saying such things, of course, makes sense since……you know……he’s an idiot. Another thing to consider is that, at this point, The Joker from The Dark Knight probably looks better in the public eye than the Republicans do, thanks to dear ole’ George W’s super sloppy administration in war and economy.

I think McCain is counting on it not meaning anything to “Americans” that Obama traveled to Russia, Azerbaijan and some other places in order to research a way to control the circulation and supply of the world’s conventional, nuclear and biological weapons as well as WMDs. This is so that life doesn’t instantly turn into those terrible dystopian landscapes you see in such fictional works as Mad Max, 1984 or Teletubbies because some countries decide they’d like to bomb the crap out of each other over oil and destroy us all in the process. McCain counts on it not meaning anything to “Americans” that Obama is working on the proper funding and housing for soldiers, disabled and abled, coming back from the war so that they’re not just tossed into the streets, like a real American like McCain is likely to do. It won't matter that Obama supports the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act, and is working on making the government more publicly accountable in their federal spending, so that we can see our taxes is being spent on things like education, better hospitals, transportation and the like. Not being privately spent on a brand new Bugatti Racer for McCain’s son.

But all these things mean nil. Because since Obama didn’t salute the American Flag here, because he didn’t sport some silly American Flag pin there, because his middle name is Hussein and in a retard’s mind this associates him with Muslims, because he didn't go over to Iraq to shake the soldiers' hands before indifferently letting them go to their deathbeds, he is not American.*

*Hell, next to no one in this country is American. If only Americans are to be Presidents, then all of them historically and up to now would have been Native American. And even they aren't American! They migrated through the Arctic and Canada all the way from China over 10,000 years ago before landing in the Americas.

[Note: One bad thing for Obama: Joe Biden seems like a good Vice President for Obama, due to his extensive foreign relations knowledge and military expertise. Unfortunately, his son is a lobbyist for the bank MBNA and Obama's campaign is all about getting campaign funds from the public only. Let us see how his publicist handles this.]


  1. The boss and I just had this very same discussion not even five minutes before I read this blog entry.

    Here's hoping enough Americans have enough sense to realize that Dem is the way to go after two consecutive terms of the worst president in history.

  2. Don't Feed The PixiesAugust 27, 2008 at 11:07 AM

    And there i was thinking that Obama was some kinda war hero - guess i was wrong. As I said before USA politics are a bit hit and miss here, but i like the fact that Obama seems fairly outspoken on his beliefs re Guantanamo Bay etc.

    Meanwhile, i am equally amused and intrigued regarding the image of the "terrible dystopian landscapes" as it applies to the Tellytubbies and can only hope that our post-nuclear holocaust future involves many purple things with tellies in their bellies waving handbags. Not that different to Maggie Thatcher when you think about it...

  3. Ah, I find the American politics fascinating. It must be nerve wracking for you all ... wondering if this is indeed the time for change ...

  4. I hate it when we measure people based on names...earnings...race!

    Politics always startles me...and with that, I don't mean just place nor America...anywhere in the world...and not just government...politics is everywhere...and that is because of the dynamics and complexities of human behavior and the loss of character!

  5. samurai: i saw this cake and thought you might like it!

    p.s. i like the little dollar bills rolled up on the side

  6. Oh this make me pissed too. There are such ignorants in the politics.

    Anyways, I hope US is ready for a change. I'm sure they will need it. US sure needs Obama. :)

  7. Good stuff
    Having your own eyes
    Your own voice

    What could be more American than that?

    I for one
    Am Glad you are paying attention
    And calling attention


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