Friday, September 12, 2008

Memorial Ploy

Don't get angry with me. I don't look at it that way. I see it is a proper, honorable burial for the passed-away. Yesterday, aired on CNN for the anniversary of that historically pivotal day in 2001, A was memorial erected at the Pentagon where a group of benches were covered with blue canopy. Removal of the canopy showed the names of all the victims on special benches. Interspersed in between the benches is planted a tree, the symbolism of the victims lives continuing in our hearts, a symbol that we begin lives anew. This is all good and fine, but I can't help but to think that it's also a media event to reinvigorate siding with the Republicans.

Don't be angry, I'm not trying to reduce the memorial into simple, political ploy. To me, 9/11 showed that the cycle of violence, of political and cultural bigotry, of wars between self-inherent religious truths and which country is strong and weak, of fear, needs to stop. But watching McCain, Bush and Rumsfeld speak at the podiums in New York and Pennsylvania, it feels like they are trying to recreate that fear and cultural hatred prominent during the actual attack to insert their own meaning and direction into American citizens.

When talking about 9/11, words like heroes, victim, enemies, remember, American, honor, life, death, love, God, terrorism and freedom are continually recycled and used constantly. It's possible that they can't be escaped, but they, the Repubs, will always take the opportunity to attempt to use these words to stir negative, emotional but narrow minded feelings within the American public. I can only hope the people aren't fooled into letting McCain continue the destruction of our country that Bush administered.


  1. To be angry with you would be ignorance. I'm not a politics guy but this I saw for myself. Republicans using 9/11 as propaganda.

  2. Don't Feed The PixiesSeptember 14, 2008 at 7:00 AM

    There was a joke on a sketch show about fifteen years ago, where they showed Margaret Thatcher (then Prime Minister) having run out of modern day disasters to visit and popping back in time to the Bubonic Plague to try and gain popularity points.

    Just after 9/11 happened some UK politician got sacked for sending an email that intimated now would be a good time to release some other negative news about policies, whilst the world was looking elsewhere.

    It is sad, but inevitable, that politicians and public figures use events in this way. How many artists attended Live Aid to help the starving kids, as opposed to helping the sales of their back catalogue? I guess we'll never know

  3. Here in New Zealand the date of our forthcoming Parliamentary election has just been announced. So, we have eight weeks of this sort of politicking to look forward to. Everything will be turned into political capital; dissembling, mendacity, and personal abuse will be the order of the day in our media. Oh, wait — it already is...

    Still, I can't help feeling NZ politics is still at the trainee stage when compared to US election campaigning. Best of luck with it.

  4. I was wondering about this ... how it all plays into the upcoming election for y'all. (that is Americans).

    I watched an interesting documentary last night (CBC - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) about the photographer who took the series of pictures of "The Falling Man" and his search to find his identify.

    It was very interesting - a story about 9/11 that didn't seem to be involved at all with politics - that seemed to be about being human.

    p.s. Canadian politics are a disaster compared to American politics. We had an announcement for a federal election in six weeks and there's barely any interest at the local levels. SIGH.

  5. I totally have an understanding for what you're saying. I think that it's unfortunately so that the republicans use 9/11 to their advantage... I don't know if they mean to though, but they obviously appear to have an advantage in this situation...

    This is Jenny by the way. (I have changed my blog-name and blog-address cause I wanted it to be more private... especially cause a class-mate of mine, managed to find my blog...)


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