Sunday, September 21, 2008

Petcka the asinine

Please click to enlarge and take a few minutes to read, although not necessary.
I'm supposing the readers that came across this article dismissed it with a scoff or a laugh or whatever and went back to work or house chores or just turned to the next page in the newspaper. I don't read the paper as much as I should; I'm usually too busy with some piece of fiction or playing dominoes or anger at my insipid, incompetent bosses. When I do read the paper I come across the usual:

-A store clerk is shot in robbery gone wrong
-A wife drowned her infant while baptizing him
-More idiots have fallen for McCain's trickery
-Lindsay Lohan was seen with this new Fendi dress while kissing Ethan Hawke at a Starbucks somewhere.

The usual stuff which makes me, once again, believe I can go without reading the paper for some time, since all the new articles are just old ones remixed by P. Diddy. When I came across this one, however, my brain started to flare up with images.

Accordingly, 6 foot 2 inches tall footballer Joseph Petcka felt threatened by his ex-girlfriend's cat, Norman, after he woke up from napping (which was, in turn, after a drunken fight with said ex) and found the cat biting into his knuckles. At some point in an ensuing fight, the cat reportedly lunged, with claws out and teeth barednote below, at Mr. Petcka. So, in his own defense, he tossed the cat across the room and delivered hard steel-toed kicks to the "ravenous" creature's body. Norman was later found dead with injuries I may punch my comp monitor whilst mentioning but are listed in the newspaper clip above.

Others at my job simply said "That's terrible." or "I hope that guy gets jail time. That's just fu**** up." I, on the other hand, was thinking of summoning Mr. Alighieri back from the dead to help create in additional 15-20 extra torturous circles of Hell just for Joseph Petcka. We can also throw deer and animal hunters in there to be precise.

Don't I think I'm overreacting? Nope, not at all. People need to get off of their biological hierarchy and stop putting themselves before anything everything else. We have intelligence and a much deeper understanding about the world then animals do. This does not mean they're subject to our pleasures and sadistic wills. This, in relation to terrestial property, also does not mean they are beneath us. And if you are thinking of quoting from the Old Testament to support the contrary, please save it for your local conservative, racist, irrational bigot preacher. I would introduce debate for a theological perspective, but that's a blog post within itself.

We should be using our faculties to help conserve their health, habitat and kingdom. We're supposed to have a respect for all life, not just human's. Contrary to Mr. Petcka's extremely asinine analysis, animals do not sit, draw up plans on maps and plot out preemptive strikes on people. They only have the capacity to act in nature. So where is there room for a grudge or anger toward a creature who doesn't "know" what they're doing. We have the ability to understand their nature, so we should at least try to.

I say that we should respect all life, but to be honest, as time passes and I read things like this, I find it harder and harder to have sympathy for the bad turns in life humans take. And no, this is not the genesis of my history as a brand new eco-terrorist. But this is a prime example of ignorance=evil.

noteThe cat was declawed, hence the title of this post. Now, if Mr. Petcka was lying instead of actually imagining the cat had claws, I shall require Dante to throw in an extra 15 circles of Hell.


  1. When I first read this, I swear I was sick to my stomach. I was so angry and my first thought was to hang him by the balls and kick him with some effing steel toed boots.

    I tell K all the time about the cats not having the ability to see things the way we do so he needs to stop his complaining about the different areas they decide to lay and spread hair and *ahem* surfaces they use as their nail files.

    If you do not have the common sense to know that their comprehension of things would be different, then *pop* you shouldve had a f*cking V8.

    Maybe Im not making sense, I am trying to multi task on 2 hours sleep.. but still and all, he deserves worse than what I can think up for his punishment right now.

    Effing nerve of some people.

  2. Don't Feed The PixiesSeptember 22, 2008 at 9:30 AM

    I think that animals should be sold the way that cars & houses are - IE you have to go through a registered trader, that all animals should be chipped and that you should have to have regular checks that the creatures are being looked after - that would stop so many people either buying or mistreating an animal.

    OK - so the cat bit him. What probably happened is that the cat was defending its territory against an unknown male, but that does not justify the response.

    Hell is too good for this guy

  3. Part of me wants to hope the putative bites on his knuckles turn gangrenous and his hands fall off. Another (unfortunately naive) part of me hopes he has an epiphany, realises the horror of what he's done, and devotes the rest of his life to preventing cruelty to animals.

    I'm not optimistic about either outcome.

  4. do pet owners have to be licensed in the states? they do here in my city.

    not that really gets at what hungry pixies is saying ... we don't really regulate it ... you just need a license, but i was just curious.

    well, you know what buddhists would think ... it all comes back, and these acts will get revisited upon him .. if not in this life, in the next.

  5. Oh, that unholy mix of cruelty and raw stupidity that causes a man to do a thing like that. I love that "all the new articles are just old ones remixed by P. Diddy"--as this reminds me so much of a guy in Ithaca when I lived there who was dogsitting and beat the dog horribly for chewing on some stereo wires. Then, often, cold as this may sound, whenever I see headlines in the paper about bombings in the Middle East, I think "why not just write 'same old, same old'?" even if I do still get livid at every new example of Republican hypocrisy...when will I ever learn?

    Speaking of stupidity, that's something I'd never accuse you of. In fact, I really like your righteously pissed off progressive Christian perspective. So many liberal Christians I know--I was raised a Quaker--have this attitude of "we people of faith are all so wonderful," never mind that many, particularly those who've come to define "morality" and "values" in the public sphere, have a faith based far more on hatred than on love. Thus, it's great to see someone who makes no bones either about calling himself a Christian or calling out a "local conservative, racist, irrational bigot preacher."

  6. Oh such a sad story. :'( Poor cat.

    We are animals as well, so we are all a part of this whole thing and we are all members of the earth.

    We have indeed been gifted with a lot of intelligence, and then we should realize that we shouldn't harm the weaker ones only cause we can. I mean, it's not like we have to feel threatened by other species nowadays. The situation is totally different than it was during the stone-age, when the wilder animals was a bit threat to the stone-age people. Our mainly threat in our days, is other human beings.


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