Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Presidential Debate

I know, lately a large portion of this blog has been devoted to talking about Barack Obama and John McCain. And I don't wish to beat the one or two people who read this blog over the head with the same stuff again and again, but this is a very important subject at a very important time. And if I wish to do my part to draw attention to it, I must voice my thoughts and speak out somewhere.

Now, the two Presidential Candidates had their first debate last night on, about, 6 channels including CNN, MSNBC and some others. They had small graphs at the bottom of the screen measuring the audiences reaction as the Candidates spoke. I suppose they thought this would determine who the people favored.

For the most part, the audience favored McCain. Whenever he spoke, the red bar soared over the green line (Undecided/Independents) and the blue line (Obama). When Obama spoke, the blue line just barely peaked over the others. But does this really mean Americans want McCain? No. The debate took place in Mississippi, a red state. They were Democratic a long time ago, when Democrats had conservative values, but now they are strongly Republican. McCain could've came on T.V. wrapped in a confederate flag, shooting up crystal meth and farting as a response to all of Obama's statements and the crowd would've liked him anyway.

Within the actual debate itself, people are complaining about Obama saying "You're absolutely right, John.", or a variance of, about six times during their back-and-forths on certain issues. The Republican party is talking about this being some sort of edge or advantage over Obama because it shows that fundamentally Obama is supporting McCain. This goes to show how idiotic and dense the Repub party is.

Obama spoke on things that were agreeable with his beliefs. What, just for the sake of a controversy-hungry public, Obama was supposed to say "That makes no sense!" or "I don't agree with that at all!", only to turn around and repeat the facts that he actually agreed with? No, you asses. Obama was merely pointing out the few aspects of John's rambling that he agreed with. Yes, as McCain said, spending in Washington has gone way out of control (as he repeated numerous times, showing that his speech advisors gave him that to show that he was aware of a world outside of himself), but NO, this will not be solved by putting a freeze on earmarked money = national budget which is frozen now but will be handed to corporate conglomerates later on. That was an insipid solution on all kinds of levels. Obama suggested taking those millions, and using it to help the people like me and you, who have to work and pays bills, who are hit the hardest everytime the government misspends our taxes.

Besides the fact that McCain did not look at Obama at all even though Obama addressed him directly like a gentleman and a scholar is supposed to, besides the fact that McCain lied numerous times and worked to bully and take over the conversation with his narrow-minded rhetoric, this image of being an independent-minded President did not work.

He proposed that we continue trying to resolve this Sunni/Shiite thing and continue to send $10,000,000,000 a year to the military for this campaign in Baghdad and Iraq. But the military already has about $90,000,000,000.


The $10,000,000,000 of next year alone could revive this economy, if placed in the correct parts. The thing being, if the budget has to be stretched, you support the infrastructure (education, jobs, transportation, environment) first. Also, cut the taxes for the middle and lower classes so that they are able to partake in the local economy and the thriving of the country altogether. This is not for a quick bit of money in everyone's pocket, but to ensure that they're in a cyclic, productive economy that keeps money incoming as well as it goes out. But McCain prefers to further the failings of Bush.

McCain's example of his kind of solution to the terrible economy created by his tyrannical presidential antecedent is to open up 45 new power plants, which will [read: AS A SIDE EFFECT] give about 400,000 more jobs by the year 2030. That's nice......except who the f*&% said everyone has to work in a fu***n' power plant??!????? Or: why is everyone being forced to work in a f*****' nuclear power plant?? How about we open up jobs all over the country? What, are you going to tell me that that's "clearly" what McCain meant? No, the f&%$ it's not. In making that statement, McCain has shown that he is not interested in working, taxpaying people of this country whatsoever. He's out to stuff lobbyist' pockets.

Obama showed me exactly what I expected from him: maturity, policies that are well thought out, effective and sensible theories based on facts (he even tackled the Iraq and Iran issues, which used to be McCain's strong points). McCain showed me that we should re-consider even letting him still be a citizen of this country.

What? He served for our country in the military? Guess what: so did Joe Biden. So did thousands of immigrants, teenagers and combinations of both. Can they be presidents too?

Please stay tuned, I have to speak on Palin and address the Lipstick Pig's supporters with a point we should all pay attention to.............................

P.S. According to polls after the debate, Obama won the debate and a small percentage of people had a better view of him, by the way.


  1. you pointed out many things I pointed out last night while watching the debate with k.

    McCain did not ONCE look at Obama.. it was so strange, especially since Obama was directly addressing him on many things, trying to engage him. Obama was certainly the only human on that platform. That speaks volumes to me of his character.

    If you cant see the evil leaking from McCains pores, even while he gives that disgusting smile...

    I think Obama def won. He was clear and he def had alot of plans and changes for so many issues. I agreed with it all concerning healthcare and the benefits of the people who work hard for their paychecks. Not to mention ideas for the alternative fuel and power sources for us.

    All I basically heard on McCains side were how we should only spend on veterans and warfare. How in the hell does anyone think that would work? How could you FREEZE our spending? Thats not realistic.

    He needed some toilet tissue for all the sh*t that was spewing from his mouth.

    Anyways, Im not all deep into politics as you well know. Ciao.

  2. I have reduced the debates, indeed this whole election to the simpelist of terms

    The red team has had the ball for eight years

    We have lost ground, each and every year
    They have fumbled to the point that we might not ever recover

    It is time to hand the ball to the Blue team.

    The Blue team has chosen Obama to be their candidate

    I think he is a good choice
    I know many of you are less sure
    That's ok

    *But give him a chance*
    Give the ball to the Blue team

    Maverick or not
    McCain represents the Red team
    He voted WITH Bush 90% of the time

    So we can expect at best, 10% change?

    We don't need to "steer" the ship, so much as we need to TURN IT AROUND

    Give the ball

    To the BLUE team


  3. Hey! I was following the debate on the other side of the pond, and I noticed something (which to me was funny in a way) - everytime McCain turned to answer the question, he seemed to try and soften/butter up (the audience/viewers?) people before attempting to answer the question. On the other hand - although Obama did mention a couple of times - yes I agree with you John, Obama proceeded to answer the question and hit the nail on the head as opposed to waffle around.

    CNN polled it as a slight Obama victory after the debate, however, a lot of news channels are chalking it for McCain - very bizzare indeed!

  4. Don't Feed The PixiesSeptember 29, 2008 at 8:18 AM

    Please continue to be political - its really interesting to see someone so motivated when compared to the apathy in the UK right now. It's all a little over my head at times, coz my knowledge of US politics is limited, but there you go.

    Politicians will always, inevitably, tell the public what we want to hear. Thats the only reason we vote for them. Much simpler to hand it all over to the man in the shack...


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