Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Vice Presidential Debate [Amended]

Ok, so Sarah Palin was a bit more polished and 'with-intelligence', but she still made the case, for me, that she is in no way at all fit to run the country.

She tried the small businesses taxes crap, saying that tax cuts for the rich will hurt small businesses who have to be able to pay their employees. But Biden swept that right up, saying that 95% of small businesses make less than $250,000 which means that they will not be touched by the taxes.

Of course, she stumbled on the same-sex marriage question, her being a conservative Christian and all, saying that (I think) she'd be ok with civil law marriages, not "changing the definition of a marriage". Biden complied with this, although he spoke much more about not going against people's civil rights. I believe Obama is ok with same-sex marriages.

Biden made it clear that Bush has economically ruined this nation and that McCain will do the same, eliminating his title as a "Maverick". McCain put tons of votes against alternative energy and also voted, along with Obama, against the funding of the Iraq surge because he didn't like the timeline. Doesn't he want the war to go on for 100 years (what, he was being sarcastic?) Speaking of which, both candidates were asked "What do you think are the causes of climate change?" She made it obvious that she knew nothing about it, tiptoeing around blaming the public for this and bumbling about how she didn't want to debate the causes, but rather "clean up the planet". Biden killed that nonsense, explaining that he believed it was manmade and that you cannot solve problems without knowing their causes. He talked about the large amount of gases coal in the U.S. and China emitted, killing our atmosphere. He talked about investing in clean coal and renewable resources.

[When questioned about McCain's terrible health care plans, Biden addressed it, breaking the $12,000-for-you to $5,000-for-the-insurance-company difference. Gwen Ifyll then questioned Palin about it, and she chose to drone on about some taxes Obama proposed to raise, the same taxes McCain himself voted for. Ifyll questioned her about the health care plan again directly. Palin once again ignored it directly.]

On the question of "how will you lead the country differently if you were to become president", Biden said that agrees wholeheartedly with Obama's campaign and would continue it. Palin said that, of course, the party has conflicts with each other so she would do other things with the Commander-In-Chief position. And..........I can't really tell you if she actually said anything. To be honest, I don't remember. I think I was commenting on CNN's political ticker

I mean, Palin impressed me by not talking about war as "God's War", and being a little bit more prepared in her arguments. But they were still weak, and she still knows nothing about what's going on in this country. [Also, please note that Palin made sure that, at the end of the debate, she showed her baby and the rest of the family to the public, completing her little infomercial on trying to sell the American public a cheating, greedy president.]


  1. Nice inputs...I'm trying to read about this whole thing!

  2. Don't Feed The PixiesOctober 3, 2008 at 6:54 AM

    Sounds like it was a heated debate. Palin sounds like she needs a spin doctor or something.

    You could have it worse - you could have Gordon Brown in charge. We didn't vote for him and we didn't want him - he advised us all to invest in private pensions and then "stole" from them for short term gains. Brown has mortgaged the UKs future and, as chancellor at the time, is very much responsible for the downturn in the economy.

    The problem being that none of the opposition seem to have any better ideas...

  3. The Clandestine SamuraiOctober 3, 2008 at 8:39 AM

    That kind of sounds like our problem. Except on a much bigger scale. Well actually, I wouldn't know that, but we're $700 million dollars in debt in mortgages.

  4. She would be the least experienced VP of all time

    With a better than 1 in five chance of becoming president

    Scary stuff

  5. i think tina fey would do the job right! bring her on. if she runs alongside sarah silvermen, i'm moving south.


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