Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Think opportunity

Driving in the car with my mother the other day to work, I was telling her about how I hate my job because I work with two dumb f--ks, one of which is a co-worker and the other is a manager. I was explaining that the co-worker has SpongeBob mentality and I'm constantly getting into arguments with her from having to attempt to disprove to her that she is no way, shape, fashion or form over me. She likes to think so because she goes around rearranging beds and shelves of merchandise (which is the visual manager's job, not hers) and she will stalk you if you're a prospective customer. Even after telling her to go away. The manager is retarded because she only understands things that happen before her own eyes. So, if I'm not in front of her face working for a long time, then I've "disappeared". If I'm using my phone to calculate a discounted price (because all the calculators have disappeared, as usual) and singing, then in her stupidly assuming, short-sighted brain, I'm "talking on the phone". They're retarded.

But I digress. I was telling my mother that I was fed up with my job to the point that I was ready to quit without having a backup job to fall on, and she started giving me the same glib that everyone gives: "times are hard out here. Thousands of people have lost their jobs. What are you going to do after you quit?"
I say look for another job. She continues on about how that wouldn't be a wise decision. So I'm forced to put up with idiots and their inconsideration just because I'd have a hard time finding another job?

I think this is a terrible mentality we give ourselves. Yes, the economy is bad. Yes, jobs are being cut. But, instead of dwelling on those, why don't we all start talking about the opportunities that are still available? If someone you know wants to quit, instead of saying "it's going to be hard finding jobs.", why don't you make suggestions? "Well, online, I've seen X post open, and X place was hiring for X job." Let's start circulating the little bit of opportunities that are still there, and perhaps we can still feel productive and pursue better (not necessarily ideal) labor for ourselves.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Israel needs a voice"

This particular post will not be as orderly as I usually try to make them. I wrote it in the order I received the information, as there was no real rhyme or reason I could make of all this. I leave it to you, whom I'm sure will know more about the subject than me. And yes, the Jew to the right is indeed Al Pacino.
Coming from the bathroom near my store's office, I overheard the President of the Company talking with other people, next to all of whom were traditional religious JewsNote below and the one Honduran woman who is the President's secretary. As soon as they got settled at the 10-chair cherry wood table in his office, I overheard particular fragments of opinion from the President, including: "90% of the Jews voted for Obama. 90%!" I think there were some words that proceded, and then I heard "We're destroying our own..." I will not jump and say these two fragments are connected, but his tone of voice did not suggest that he was happy about this percentage of votes toward our new Commander-In-Chief (=D Yes we can!).

"5,000,000 Jewish-Americans in this country. 5,000,000, and we get blamed for everything. Everything!" Hmmm, don't really know what to say about this one. It made me think of Shylock The Jew for some reason. It's one of Shakespeares more memorable plays, and I think, proof that he had cultural messages in the undertone of his works. Also, see Othello.

"People think Israel's problem can be solved by sending them money [this coming from a hardcore businessman]. Money isn't the solution. Israel needs a voice." At this point, Israel is not something I've studied in-depth, although I'd love to start. For some reason, I was under the impression that, at this point in time, Palestine had either taken over Israel and was killing its people or had taken it siege. I remember something about a "two-state solution", and that's as far as my knowledge goes.

At any rate, my thing was, he sounded pretty bitter about Obama winning, but I think Obama is much more likely to give any country's people a voice than John McCain, who is about money but knows next to nothing about the economy (and has Phil Gramm as his economic advisor, who is so corrupt, Dante Alighieri would have to create a special level in Hell just for him). I am told that both McCain and Obama are allies of Israel, and with its democratic system and monarchy, it is starting to resemble a small piece of the United States (that explains McCain's interest in it).

I was working with a customer at my store (who will have another blog post of her own, as there was an argument between me and a retard co-worker and the customer had gotten involved) and, as she was trying to figure which matching ivory sofas to purchase and have delivered to her home, she mentioned that she was going back to Israel. Naturally, I asked her if it was ok to ask her some stuff about Israel and I told her what I overheard the President say.

She said she could see how some of them (the Jews) would vote for McCain (isn't there a stereotype that Jews are conniving hawks and all about their money? I think this is why I thought of Shylock the Jew), but McCain won't do any good for anyone. She then gave me the history of Israel and Palestine, how Israel defeated Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and some other states in war all by its itty bitty self, and how Arabs don't like the amount of land the Jews have, and she started explaining the argument over the Gaza Strip, which she told me is secular although it's over a piece of sacred land.

Bollocks, conflicts abound. Jews and Arabs. Arabs and Africans (Darfur). The Irish and The British (the Troubles). Iraqis and Iranians. Pakistanis and Indians. I've heard rumors of beef brewing between The Russians and The Americans.......again. Here in the United States, Puerto Ricans don't like Dominicans and vice versa. The Chinese don't like the Japanese and vice versa. In Compton and other parts of California, Mexicans don't like Blacks and vice versa. During 9/11, "Americans" didn't like "Middle Eastern" people. During the whole past, present and future, no one likes white people (Bush/McCain Americans). Or black people (the stereotyped versions of them). Or Mexicans (same). Or Jews (same). Why can't we all just get along????!??

Note I've never understood how people would say they're Jewish racially until someone finally answered my question.
I mean, one who is Japanese means they have the blood and makeup of a people who have biologically adapted to living in Japan.
One who is Kenyan means they have the blood and makeup of a people who have biologically adapted to living in Kenya.
One who is Jewish has the makeup of a people who have biologically adapted to living in __________??

[I am told the answer is Judea].

Also, another quick note: One who is American means they have the blood and makeup of a people who have biologically adapted to living in America. There can't be any more than a tiny fraction of the people who qualify through this definition left. None of the American Presidents qualify for it, yet you can only be "American" to run for president. Go figure.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jenny's Book Meme

Ok, I totally promised Jenny Bah that I'd do this book meme after she tagged me with it, but I've been lazy with it, as well as tired and tied up with nanowrimo and job hunting and crying because I'm worthless. So here it goes.

Here are the rules: Grab the nearest book. Open the book to page 56. Find the fifth sentence. Post the text of the next two to five sentences in your journal/blog along with these instructions. Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST. Tag five other people to do the same.

Here's what I picked: " 'Go away, little girl,' shouted the D.H.C. angrily. 'Go away, little boy! Can't you see that his fordship's busy? Go and do your erotic play somewhere else.'
'Suffer little children,' said the Controller.

Slowly, majestically, with a faint humming of machinery, the Conveyors moved forward, thirty-three centimetres an hour. In the red darkness glinted innumerable rubies."

"Brave New World" by Alduous Huxley.

For this meme I would like to tag: everyone who reads it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008



BARACK WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Culture is the cure

In our little intellectual "salon" (French word) of semi-pundits that include [Fred] and the new guy, [Lawrence], we have at work, we were discussing the recent assassination attempt on Barack Obama by two young pieces of s**t.

A couple of white supremacists in Tennessee, Daniel Cowort, 21, and Paul Schlesselman, 18, drew out a plan to kill a total of 103 people: they would first kill 88 African-Americans, as "88" is the code for "Heil Hitler". They would then behead 14 more, 14 being the number of words in the slogan "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." The final kill would've then been Obama at a Democratic National Convention.

I'm sure, in court, they will run behind the First and Second Amendment, although they were arrested for illegal firearms possession and intent to steal guns from a dealer. The First Amendment being because they were not caught in attempt but just with drawn-out plans.

[Fred] suggested that the government just kill off their leaders and then begin to work on the members individually. And while an enraged, violent version of myself says this is a truly delightful and efficient thought, the morals in me say that this will not work. Besides not always being able to identify who does and does not hold terrible beliefs, killing them will only strength the divide between races. And there are worthless idiots out there who will sympathize with the supremacists' deaths and continue to carry the torch themselves. Perhaps with even sharper conviction.

I began to think that what would really be ideal is for these guys to change ("Yes We Can!" =D). I am fully aware that white supremacists groups have been around for ages, and that for every person that wises up and leaves, some other impetant cur who is angry that they got jumped by a group of black people when they were younger will join (because, of course, there are no Chinese or Japanese or Spanish or Dominican or Indian or Middle Eastern or Russian or British or Italian people who have done death-penalty worthy acts). But I personally feel better about seeing these people be enlightened, looking back on the things they did or/and said and, after months of deep depression and quite possibly suicidal tendencies from the megaton load of guilt (the necessary process through which they must proceed), begin to be understanding and sympathetic for other cultures and races. Begin to recognize people by their personality, adherence to morals and their human rights. Of course, keeping them alive after they've committed atrocious racist hate crimes runs the risk of them just rejoining the White Supremacist movement later on. And hoping Mr. Cowort and Mr. Schlesselman to redeem themselves in the light of rational society may just allow them to better carry out their plan another time. This all gets complex.

Intellect was high during the old days, around the 19th century and before. But in those times, people read or watched plays for entertainment. So, a much higher I.Q. average was more of a side effect then a goal. Then again, the words 'intellect' and 'culture' are very much linked. If European nations were truly cultured or the forefront of civilization (which we'd now have to argue the meaning of), slavery of Africans and the near genocide of Native Americans would not have been. But this is another tirade altogether.

My point is, W.E.B DuBois spoke of having a nation led by a team of elite intellectuals (today's American governments never embody this, and if you think McCain and Palin does, you should be putting your head in an open car door and slamming away), but I think we should all be much more rational on a basic level. I mean, I personally believe that there should be a national mob mentality against people like the two listed above. Against all white supremacists. But there isn't, and I think that's because people don't realize how truly destructive this kind of mentality is. I don't think that people realize it and are just indifferent; if one grasped all the kinds of harm white supremacy does in the short and long run, they would be affected.

I'm beginning to sound like a lousy Repub in telling you what you should and shouldn't feel, so I will stop. But a truly enlightened generation (like the one Obama is working to have =D), would not withstand these sorts of things, nor would there be even half the proliferation of such plans as there are now.