Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Think opportunity

Driving in the car with my mother the other day to work, I was telling her about how I hate my job because I work with two dumb f--ks, one of which is a co-worker and the other is a manager. I was explaining that the co-worker has SpongeBob mentality and I'm constantly getting into arguments with her from having to attempt to disprove to her that she is no way, shape, fashion or form over me. She likes to think so because she goes around rearranging beds and shelves of merchandise (which is the visual manager's job, not hers) and she will stalk you if you're a prospective customer. Even after telling her to go away. The manager is retarded because she only understands things that happen before her own eyes. So, if I'm not in front of her face working for a long time, then I've "disappeared". If I'm using my phone to calculate a discounted price (because all the calculators have disappeared, as usual) and singing, then in her stupidly assuming, short-sighted brain, I'm "talking on the phone". They're retarded.

But I digress. I was telling my mother that I was fed up with my job to the point that I was ready to quit without having a backup job to fall on, and she started giving me the same glib that everyone gives: "times are hard out here. Thousands of people have lost their jobs. What are you going to do after you quit?"
I say look for another job. She continues on about how that wouldn't be a wise decision. So I'm forced to put up with idiots and their inconsideration just because I'd have a hard time finding another job?

I think this is a terrible mentality we give ourselves. Yes, the economy is bad. Yes, jobs are being cut. But, instead of dwelling on those, why don't we all start talking about the opportunities that are still available? If someone you know wants to quit, instead of saying "it's going to be hard finding jobs.", why don't you make suggestions? "Well, online, I've seen X post open, and X place was hiring for X job." Let's start circulating the little bit of opportunities that are still there, and perhaps we can still feel productive and pursue better (not necessarily ideal) labor for ourselves.


  1. Don't Feed The PixiesNovember 19, 2008 at 8:22 AM

    Hey! Careful, what do you have against SpongeBob??!!

    Seriously - i've worked for a variety of companies and in a lot of different departments and the general conclusions i've drawn are:

    1) its the same old bullshit anywhere you go
    2) most jobs are, when you get down to it, shit
    3) some people get promoted above their station because they can do less harm the higher they go
    4) no one ever, ever, wants to communicate
    5) always keep proof of a) what you've done, b) who told you to do it

    However, i agree that you are right to say it is stupid to give up just because times are hard.

    the best advice i can give is to get qualifications in things that interest you, take up voluntary work in that area if you can - keep tailoring your CV and if you must apply to agencies select ones that suit your needs and don't let the bastards have a quiet minute (if necessary tattoo your name on their foreheads so they don't forget)

  2. This takes me back to a few months ago, I worked for a day as an "Easter bunny". Long story short I didn't like it. It was depressing. After that one day I didn't go back. My mom lectured me about taking whatever opportunities I'm given because life is hard and not everyone has the same opportunities and so forth.

  3. People are scurr'd.


    I think most people make decisions based on fear- and many times they don't even realize it.

    Of course there are the people who do what they want in spite of fear- but they are divided into subgroups:

    Some of them think they can't do it- but go for it. And even a smaller group think they CAN- and obviously go for it as well.

    Then everyone looks at the group that went for it- but didn't believe they could do it (and obviously fulfilled this prophecy) and say: "look at that pipe dreamer and what happens when you follow silly fancies."

    When the problem wasn't at all the silly fancies- it was the fear and non-belief.

    It seems like you have the belief- so quit. I bet you find another job really fast since most "believers" get what they believe. Then everyone will say "you're lucky..." but you will of course, know better.


  4. I like your proactive optimism! Good luck! I just left a job with a bunch of yahoos for a new one, assuming that the story would be the same no matter where I went, just with different characters. Turns out, it's not (so far at least). I'm quite happy here and don't have a micromanagy caffeine-fiend jumping on my back all the time! :) Win.

  5. Move to Canada. We still have jobs. And it's not really as snowy and hideous as people make it out to be.

    Wait, no, that last part was a lie. It's definitely snowing right now. But I'm also writing this from work. Jobs... blizzards... you gotta give a little, take a little.

  6. Dude

    I gotta second Pixies. Leave Spongebob out of it. He's one of the heroes of our time. Can you think of any other kids shows that you actually look forward to watching with your kids? very few my friend, very few.

  7. well my love,

    you know as well as I do that jobs (decent ones) are hard to come by in our city. I have tried to dissuade you from quitting until you have something to fall back on as well.

    You know why.

    All these jobs you "find" here and there will be shit. and yeah most jobs are (hence the name) one, because its not nec something that will have us feel fulfilled and two, its never enough.

    I always did recommend that you fing something you are into. No one is going to pay your bills. YOU gotta do it. And just because we are up to HERE with these friggin idiots, our lives dont end there. Theres other shit to take care of.

    P.S. I do believe that you can get into the thing we talked about the other day. I bet if you go for it, you would be able to quit that shit fest in a second.

  8. Amen!

    As we grow older...umm...progress in years...we chicken out and we get cold feet because society forces us to think that security and success and survival equals having a "stable" job! CRAPtastic isn't it?!

    I'd still say it is when we are so ready to walk away from something that is not giving us any good feeling about ourselves that positive energy starts to flow. I used to walk away from big projects before simply because I cannot come to terms with the people who are too myopic with their business sight...and yet then I was getting better and excellent offers! And now...I have cold feet...have chickened out and have listened too much to society and I am stuck in a crazy workplace! *SIGH*

    Sorry I ranted...I just can relate so much to this post...and your manager and co-worker, multiply that many times and you get my workplace..ha!

    Anyway...I hope things get better for us! LOL

    If you are not too busy, I hope you can try this Meme, HERE

    No pressure here...just want to know more about you. :)


  9. You are supposed to hate it.
    That's why it is called work.

  10. I quit my job at the beginning of September...I finally found a new job a couple weeks ago, and its only a temporary seasonal retail position. So yes, jobs are hard to find right now. But its your life, you know whats going on better than anyone else, so no one should criticize your decision, either way.

  11. Don't Feed The PixiesNovember 24, 2008 at 4:49 AM

    I just want to add another bit of advice: take a step back and think about what you really want - are you doing it now?

    If its what you really want then you shouldn't let anyone or anything stop you from doing it - but my advice is to do it whilst you are young and have few commitments: its easy to talk about quitting your job when your young, single and mortgage free - but when you start getting responsibilities you may suddenly find yourself trapped in a dead-end job because you simply can't afford to take the risk

  12. Wowee. Look at all the advice you got.

    Advice is funny that way - it's more about the person giving it then it really is about you (who's receiving it).

    I like the advice about moving to Canada. She's right we have lots of job. But, it's cold here. And you have to wear socks in bed. And hats. And you shiver a lot.

    To me, your posting was not about whether you should quit your job ... but about the importance of looking for opportunities instead of thinking the worst. It's about living your life based on possibilities NOT based on fears. (i.e. fear of - what if I don't find a job?) I think you know what you want to do - I think you're wise enough to know how to accomplish it the right way. Now, you just have motivation to really take it seriously....


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