Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just babbling.

The people in the upper crust of the business I work for have their sniper rifles cocked and ready, loaded with pink slips and aiming at various people to fire. So, there's supposedly pressure on us lower employee folk to step our game up and somehow magically make tons of money pour into our registers from all the customer purchases, although there's no customers. People are hardly shopping anymore because they don't have jobs. And so the stores start letting go of people. I'm not up in the upper crust, so I don't know how money is being handled, but with the guy I work for, I'm pretty sure he cuts jobs to save his profit and not to pay bills. But, do many companies or the rich ever think to take the little bit of money they have and start re-opening jobs so that people would have money to shop? Nope. Of course, that question and answer gets a lot more complex than what I've typed.

Meanwhile, my co-worker [Laura] has now earned the full brunt of my dignified anger and will now be reported everytime she does something stupid. I've never had the energy or drive to pursue this campaign against her before; as she is always doing stupid stuff like talking to my customers fully knowing that they are my customers or telling me to pick up or clean stuff that she can do herself, although she's not my boss, and I ignore it. But I'm sure she honestly believes she's my boss, because she believes she knows everything. Her own experience is the only, and I literally mean the only thing she knows, and she believes that what she knows is absolute law. She has the inability to learn or think of anything else. So, with this said, a good, solid majority of the employees in all three stores of this company believe she is mentally disabled (yes, we've all had problems with her). To then ask whether her behavior is her own fault or not is quite another post.

Me and some managers and her had a meeting, with the manager [Howard] basically saying that he doesn't want us arguing on the selling floor anymore, and that if there's a problem, to report it to him. He says if there is problem, try to talk it out first with each other. And while this is quite the diplomatic notion, it shows that he is massively ignorant and unexperienced with attempting to talk things out with this idiot. Me and the other manager, [Daniella] have already attempted this multiple times, and multiple times the idiot just keeps talking over us or just works to shove her viewpoint down our throats. Furthermore, even though he says he knows this, he fails to seriously consider that she has been the center of arguments with many employees that have erupted ever since she started working here. In this meeting, I have two days off where she works alone and she has two days off where I work alone. The pair of days are back to back. I have off Monday and Tuesday. But in this meeting, she said that she would appreciate if I left the floor clean when I was done with it, so that when she came in on Monday and Tuesday, it'd be in sellable condition. She "has that respect for me. It's simple." Mon and Tues is after Sunday. On Sunday, we're both working. So how am I the only one that leaves the selling floor crappy? Sounds like she's just trying to get me in trouble, to put me in front of the sniper rifle. And I may go there, but not without letting Human Resources have a piece of my mind.

I say to The Disturbed One in text message:


I explain, and then say:
Me: She's gone or I am. Sent: 12:41
Me: I'm attacking full force. Sent: 12:41
Disturbed One, The: Dag samurai. Sent: 12:42

We converse about whether it is wiser to stay and deal with these unbearably oppressive conditions everyday in order to be able to pay bills and eat. Or to leave this and pursue bigger and better things, even in economic conditions such as these. I say, yes, you pay bills and eat, but your life also has the value of a small pile of cigarette ash. If not to strive for rational happiness, if not even to strive for something simple like a better job (which could just as easily mean working the same position somewhere else, or another job with the same pay), what is the point of living? I'm afraid the Disturbed One believes in shifting life around the main goal of sustaining yourself. I believe in shifting your sustenance in order to better pursue a better life. This is an age old battle that never has a solidified resolution. Ah well.

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  1. I think I remember saying:

    "So then leave. You know the consequences of not having a job and are still willing to go through with it.

    I would rather see you happy than see you struggling."


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