Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Samurai meditates on The Inauguration.

Today is Inauguration Day for our new United States President. We are officially letting in a breath of fresh air and kicking that heathenous, mud-brained, pus-filled boil of a human named George W. Bush to the curb. To tell you the truth though, I'm a bit nervous.

An estimated 2 million people (the most ever for an American Inauguration) have left their homes days before today to travel to Washington D.C. for their seats on the west side of the National Mall (left pic), that long park from the Washington Monument to the United States Capitol. They're excited, anxious, inspired and hopeful: the "Promised Land" that Martin Luther King. Jr hath seen from the mountaintop when the Lord gave him that vision in 1968 is further realizing itself through a (relatively) young, humble, and sagacious Kenyan named Barack Hussein Obama. This is a greater good that even Martians have teleported real-time satellite images to their extreme hi-def monitors to witness. But I am nervous.

Yes, a black man, the first black man in history, is officially becoming President today. But I daresay that I don't want to put too much stock into this particular moment, not after that attempt by the two white Supremacists last October. I didn't vote for him just for the image of an African backside being planted in the seat of the Oval Office, I voted for him because of the promises and principles he said he would embrace while he was there. With that said, after a small period of rest from the debates and cabinet assembly and Abraham Lincoln references, he needs to hit the ground running, as Lyndon B. Johnson did when he first went into office after Kennedy was taken. As soon as he does plant his ass in that seat: assault the economic depression; stop this 80-million-dollar-a-month business to the Iraqis and make a decision on Pakistan; fuel, widen and renew the education system; give more power to socially responsible stockholders of corporations and strengthen unions; give carbon emission watch companies federal status (there may have been a raise in attention to the environment, but in popular media, I feel like people still think this is just tree-hugger agenda crap); and naturally, Health Care in the economic perspective has to be taken care of. And for Chrissakes man, someone do something about this Darfur crap!

But anyway, he needs to hit the ground running, because major change like this brings in major reactions. White Supremacists, regular ole' Republicans, and those old Blacks who cannot process the idea of a slave now being master are probably foaming at the mouth and burning Crosses all over the place while thinking up schematics to assassinate Obama. And before this can happen, disillusioning and corrupting the most respectful and moral of hearts in the process, Obama needs to work on/instill the Change he said he had for us. Before it's too late.


  1. This Brazen TeacherJanuary 20, 2009 at 7:41 PM

    Devil's Advocate: Are the American people putting too much stock in one man? It bugs me when people idolize... it just seems icky.

    That being said I LOVE Obama... just bein' a picker like normal :-)

  2. Why is everyone SO against Bush.. he did the best he could, it was just a difficult time... I'm just dying to see how Obama deals with Iraq. I don't think he can do miracles.

  3. Don't Feed The PixiesJanuary 27, 2009 at 3:52 AM

    It's interesting the difference in reaction with Obama - he messed up the Inaugaration acceptance speech (one word guys, chill out) - if that had been Bush then the press would have had a field day

    I guess the reason is that Obama is clearly a much better man. It's reassuring how quickly he's started to make changes for the better

  4. I heard a great question given by my mother-in-law"s radio talk show announcer the other day who happened to be Democrat. "How is that most people today can say that a system of profit is still the best economic system we could ever come up with?"
    Thanks for your blog.

  5. I also echo This Brazen Teacher with saying Obama is still the representative of the State, for cryin' out loud. We have to be careful with our Hope, eh?


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