Thursday, February 5, 2009

Drugs, Gangs and Numbers

I originally came to talk about the recent criticism against Obama due to two members of his cabinet, Tom Daschle (Secretary of Health and Human Services) and Nancy Killefer (Chief Performance Officer) messing up on their taxes and bowing out to keep Obama's team from looking bad. I will simply say this: he's our president but he is still a person, he is not God.

At any rate, I came across a vid on by Lou Dobbs, a news anchor whose stance against illegal immigrants is slowly evolving into xenophobia, on how gang violence and gang memberships are rising in America. Here's the 4-minute vid if you have the time and comp. programs to look at it yourself.

In summary, the lack of watch and law enforcement on open borders into and coming from Mexico has resulted in the spread of gang activity and violent drug cartel operations amongst the U.S. There is now an elevated level of danger in this, as a lot of trained retired military personnel with access to sensitive firearms also flee to Mexico to participate in the drug trade. The federal government has plenty of anti-gang programs in states near the borders and are active in them, but as long as that border remains open, crime will continue to spread. Note, however, how they choose to relay this information to you:

"1,000,000 people belong to more than 20,000 gangs."
"36 shooting or stabbing deaths this year."
"80% of crime in Los Angeles gang related."
"Gang Membership has soared 25% since 2005."
"More than 195 U.S. cities are now the site of operation by Mexican Drug Cartel."

Numbers, numbers, numbers. Easy for people to remember and recite to their friends, right? They also easily make the American mind turn these people into statistics. If you've watched the video, you will note that they talk about the Mexicans in nothing but imperialistic terms (they are taking over!!!). I don't suppose it becomes important to know why or in what atmospheric conditions people join these gangs, so that we'd be understanding and have a chance at reversing the psychology of someone may want to join. They also don't talk about other choices we could suggest. Nope.

Just numbers. And the Drug Cartel are taking over. And we must stop them. it just me or does this all sound more like a video game than a video game does?


  1. No matter what the drama, each event happens one at a time.

  2. I didn't see anything in those statistics that said all of that crime was in Mexican gangs either........

  3. Don't Feed The PixiesFebruary 8, 2009 at 9:49 AM

    you can prove anything with statistics if you want to

  4. Lou Dobbs' certainly does new and interesting things with logic all the time, with every person killed by an illegal immigrant labeled a victim of illegal immigration--which, technically, is true, but the same logic could be used for legal immigrants, or, ultimately, any other group of people. And, certainly, you never see these folks complaining about how inexpensive the products of industries dependent on cheap hardworking migrant labor are. Then, these are the same people who simultaneously label Mexicans a) lazy, and b) out to steal our jobs, without seeing the obvious contradiction....


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