Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Quite the interesting sermon in Last Sunday's service of my church. I mean, all of the sermons there are interesting, insightful and spirit-guiding. But this one was especially personal for me. The pastor (I don't like the titles "priest" or "preacher", they've gotten bad reputations. Much like the word "liberal" [but I definitely still use that]) spoke on Anger. Yes, with a capitol 'A', Anger. As you've probably noticed from previous posts, anger is not some annoying trait that flares up against inconsiderate idiots who destructively take their own space in packed subway cars on the train ride home, or yellow cab drivers in Manhattan who seem to think life is just one huge line of stunts in a big-budget Hollywood film. It is an existential part of me. One that is expressed in everything I do, even when I'm not conscious of it. I believe, this is because anger is one of the only personality traits I've become acquainted and identify with.

The pastor said that we live in an angry culture, and often, we walk around with bitterness in our hearts. This could be from abusive relationships, or sexual abuse, dumb politicians or any kind of thing. The downside of walking around with this in our hearts is that we end up poisoning the communities we live in: our families, groups at the job, social groups, etc. We like to think that the anger directed at one particular thing just stays connected to that, but it shows up in everything we do. This damages our spirits and our connection to Him. I'm probably more guilty of this than anything, which I'm always blaming on the people I'm surrounded with now and some high school years of the Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold/Seung-Hui Cho kind. So how do we fix this? Forgive.

Forgive those who have trepassed against you and break the chains that attach you to the past. Or else, you become a slave to your own bitterness. This, in many situations, is much, much easier said than done. But if you're serious about evoking life and love, this must be done.


  1. Sounds like something I have mentioned many many times in our conversations.

  2. I have stopped judging people a long time ago - without stopping being judgmental of the human nature ;)
    I have made peace with the world and I am working to make peace with myself.
    The hardest person to forgive; I.

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