Monday, February 16, 2009

Hangman: H_ _ _ t_ _ a_ _* [Amended]

"Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; for one's life does not consist in the abundance of possessions." (Luke 12:15)

[Elisha], a friend from church, had pains in her mouth and went to the local privitized dentist to find out what's going on with the gummy-gum-gums. The dentist examined her teeth and told her that she had to have her wisdom teeth pulled out. If she does not, the infection in the back of her teeth will continue to grow. Working for 4-1-1 (or is it 3-1-1?), which is a staple municipal service in all of America, I just assumed that she had h_ _ _ t_ _ a_ _ coverage that would just require to pay a co-pay fee. Nope. So the dentist charges her something upwards of $1,000.


[Elisha], like about 2/3 else of the world, does not just have $1000 just lying around. I doubt she even comes across 1000 pennies at that many intervals in her life. Time (I think a week) passes by. Antibiotics and starvation (hurts to move her mouth for chewing) are involved. Luckily, a friend of her mother is a dentist. Being, of course, that they're friends and all and such, he says [Elisha] can come into the office sometime: he'll have a look-see and he'll see what he can do about pricing. So, she goes. He looks.

He says he can't do the surgery then and there, but he generously pulls out one tooth and [Elisha] feels like there's progress being made. She goes home, thinking the problem is solved and her wisdom teeth will be fixed in no time. She returns to the dentist's office, and he tells her that it will cost her $400 per tooth pulled (she needs three). Meanwhile, she's growing a gangrene Apocalypse in her mouth and no dentist has even bothered to tell her what will happen if the infection stays. Hell, I doubt either of them took this into any consideration themselves.

So, after G.P.O.S.'s** attempt to get himself some business by abusing her faith in him fails, [Elisha] decides to just go to the doctor and have them take it out for about $30 each..............which, if I'm not mistaken, she also cannot afford.

Hmmm.....funny. I was just reading a chapter in Master Liberal's book about how Americans hate paying so much taxes. We pay almost just as much taxes to the government as France does. [The average French family pays 22% out of their income while the average American family pays 19%. But you'd be hard-pressed to find a handful of French(wo)men who complain about being taxed that much.] Me? I have no problem with the idea of paying taxes. See, here's the thing.........France has:

  • Free schooling from community colleges to the most elite universities.
  • Free doctor visits and medical.
  • Free dental.
  • Unlimited FULL PAY sick days at the job.
  • Mandatory 30 days FULL PAY vacation.
As you can probably imagine, the French are generally healthier than Americans are. Hell, at this point, the poorest watering hole of Malaysians are probably healthier then Americans are.

Like I said, I have no problem with the idea of paying taxes. I know they're supposed to go to the infrastructure that makes daily life easier for me. But to what [are these taxes being contributed]? Here in Freedomland, I pay taxes out of my check, and then have to pay fees on top of taxes, and then have to pay taxes in addition to those fees. The Disturbed One is currently and constantly getting street-gang jumped by illness, and she can't even afford too many doctor visits although she works more hours in one week than the total amount of time it takes to grow an old fir tree.

Of course, people that make $100,000 and up pay [less than us, because after that amount of income, you don't have to pay Social Security tax at all] . Because the golden conservative logic is that the more money you have, the less you should pay. But if you're poor, you should be the carrier of every burden, the face of all failures, and the debtee of all debts.

What's also funny is that, right-wing pundits and the sheep who don't question things for themselves are always criticizing socialism. And every time I come across one of these criticisms, I also come across a country who is flourishing because of it's heavily socialized institutions.

*reference to an old word puzzle game
**Greedy Piece Of S&!#


  1. Don't Feed The PixiesFebruary 19, 2009 at 3:40 AM

    There was a girl in the news recently who starved to death because she was so afraid of Dentists that she refused to eat. Pretty sad.

    Of course we have NHS (National Health Service) Dentists here - which means that a lot of people can get free or cheap dental service - but for a long time Dentists refused to take on new patients, so increasingly people are paying over the odds

  2. I pay taxes. about 35% of my income. Yes - you READ that right.

    However, I don't mind.

    I like my free healthcare :)
    There's a wait, yes. But it's free!

  3. Yeah i'm shocked at how horrible America is at health care. The wait in the emergency room, the number of forms to fill, the exorbitant cost of basic surgical procedures. It's really sad, considering how much the developing world looks up to the U.S. India is poor, but we have a pretty good health care system, for which i am so grateful :)


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