Monday, February 9, 2009


"I've opened up my eyes, seen the world for what it is, and tears rain down from the sky"

Great song by a band I'm just discovering. What I especially like about this song is the extravagant, fantastical imagery the lead singer uses to describe how world leaders will massively feed their own bloodthirst to prove their way of life is bigger and better than everyone elses.

Speaking of greed, I had to take a moment the other day to remind myself that there is a world much larger than myself going on, and that my hopes are misplaced. A couple of months ago at my job, a salesperson was fired because (I'm told) they didn't make enough money for the store. Ever since that happened, I've been working harder to get some more customers sales under my belt. Usually, I ask customers if they need help finding bed sheets or quilts, and if they do, I help. If they don't and say they just want to wander for a bit, I respect their wishes. But I work with a woman who is extremely short-sighted mentally, so if she doesn't physically see me next to a customer, she will assume it's hers for the taking (even after she sees me tell them that I will be their salesperson). And I end up having to stalk customers in order to keep her away because half the time they won't remember or care that they're suppose to direct their questions to one salesperson. The whole lot of them are raging "toad face frumps"*.

But anyway, the last couple of weeks I've been cutthroat competing with her everyday to sell the most merchandise. I've been staying on the selling floor every minute, practically loitering in people's faces until they've bought stuff and even immorally returning the favor of helping her customers when she wasn't there. But during the last two sale events, she's out sold me. For every duvet cover or sheet set I'd sell, she'd sell two of each or a sheet set in addition to some other purchase. There's a whole bunch of other elements involved in sales that go into an explanation of this, such as the customer's mentalities and personalities, how she speaks to them and how I speak to them. At any rate, I'd become angry with God and ask why He's doing this. I respect people spaces and guide them. I make sure people knew exactly what they were buying and were fully satisfied with the purchase (all sales are final). But her aggressive and sloppy ways have been recently winning over. Didn't He know I was on the path to the Wayside of the Jobless (or so I was paranoid enough to think)?

I then asked (or perhaps He asked me), who am I to determine the way things should and shouldn't be? Why should money be drawn to me just because I feel that that's where it belongs? The world is much bigger than the Samurai. And so, with this peace of mind, I've gone back to working and helping whoever I can. Wherever I go, humility, ethics and Christ shall help me make the best of things.


  1. I have some great MP3s on the art of selling but being a mentally retarded technocrat I have no idea how to send them to you.
    Wait I had a brain fart I think I know how.
    Would you send me your e mail?

  2. "who am I to determine the way things should and shouldn't be?"

    I need to write that on my wall.

  3. I like your posts.

    You had one on anger. This one touched on greed and ended with humility.

    I like it.

    After my submersion into sin, I feel like I need to write about things like this.


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