Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just-a babblin'....

Originally, I was going to type two posts here, one about the newspaper cartoon by the Post that heavily implies a violent racist statement on Obama, and about a You-tubed interview Bill O'Reilly did with knucklehead, tasteless rapper Cam'ron and the make-pretend-I'm-mature Roc-a-fella CEO executive Dame Dash. But what I had say about both of those things now seem ancient, dated, and not really worth writing about. Especially since the interview was three years ago and the cartoon is pretty well talked about.

Ah well, just posting here because I haven't done it in a while. Lately I haven't had the energy to hit the blog. Have just been.....lagging around. No good. Today I was set to write, but got caught up in a marathon of "Leverage" (great show! I love comedy caper thingys........like "Burn Notice" and the "Ocean's" series).

At any rate, I keep forgetting that you're supposed to write, even when you have nothing to write about. I keep encouraging others to do this because I know that I'll still read it, but I've gotten so used to not writing without having a point that there is serious apprehension in my fingers whenever I come to blogger.com. unless, at least, something is thought out. Ah well.

Oop........"Leverage" is coming back on.


  1. Inertia
    Hard to overcome
    A body at rest
    Tends to stay at rest
    Unless acted upon...

    Change is coming

    ...by an outside force

    Feel it?

  2. You have NO idea how much I feel you on this right now. I haven't had the energy or inspiration to write, either.

    Here's to hoping we both get over this soon!

  3. I've read about the cartoon too. As you know I haven't written in ages! We need motivation!

  4. Racquel ValenciaMarch 5, 2009 at 6:36 PM

    I don't know if I've ever written anything WITH a point...

  5. Don't Feed The PixiesMarch 6, 2009 at 8:04 AM

    come on Saumurai - you're the one who has encouraged me to keep at that darn computer screen until my brain bleeds ideas.

    It can be difficult when life drags you down - you just need to find your own path right now

  6. You could babble about most anything and it would read well! I hear you, though, I don't write anything except posts in my blogs. I guess waiting for inspiration to write outside the blog is a waste of time.... a. muse.ing at best.

    I'm here at this blog because I think it's probably the one where you'd post about the issue we're discussing over at my blog. I left you a lengthy reply to your comment


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