Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth To Bella

The title of this post has nothing to do with anything. I just figured I'd give it a reference to something else as Pixies often does. It's the song that's on my mind at the current time.

Ah.....going through some things, but, to Hell with it all. Here are some objects that are on my mind.

I've always wanted to address this before, but never did. It seems to me (thus, I'm assuming), that a lot of you other bloggers must think that I only comment on your blogs when I have a new post to direct you back to myself. It also seems like some of you others do the same. But I try not to present this as the case. Nowadays, with other things I'm trying to do, the time that I have to read your blogs is the same time that I have to write one. But I will work on setting a time to read and a time to write. Although with what's going on now, I may be homeless soon...........
I was watching T.V. the other day, in particular, the Skittles commercial with the guy that gets a bodily Transplant from the Mexican man, and the Oreo commercial where a small Chinese girl on one train imitates the small Caucasian girl across the tracks on another train. It occurred to me that many pieces of media and advertising are still using foreign people as foreign objects. Or it appeared to me to be this way anyway, as the foreign characters had no personalities, much less lines of dialogue in the ads.
Fast forward. Sitting on the train a couple of days back, I was trying to read some research for a story. Two other Hispanic guys were talking on my right, another man was silent on my left, and across the aisle in her own seat was a young Hispanic girl listening to what looked like an iPhone from the back. Surrounding all of us was glossy rectangular ads who proselytizations ranged from online college classes in your spare time to an African-American book that proposed to answer the question "Do Men 'Get Played' When Women 'Get Paid'?"

At any rate, a young Black guy was standing up at the double doors to get off the train as it eased itself to a stop. When the doors opened, he stood there for a little while and then looked at the girl's iPhone as she held it out to go to another track. But right before the doors closed, the young guy snatched the iPhone out of the girl's hand and ran off the train.

The guy on my left hopped up and ran to the doors, putting his foot in between them before they were about to close. He asked the girl in Spanish if she wanted him to pursue the guy and she replied in Spanish "no, no, it's ok". She kind of grinned to me and herself and shook her head. The other guy sat down and they spoke a little bit more. Then that was that.

Getting off my stop, a hundred things fired off through my head about the situation, but I've decided to save it all for a short story. Other than those, I didn't really have any other objective opinions about the event, but I felt I had to put the experience some place.


  1. Don't Feed The PixiesMarch 30, 2009 at 6:50 AM

    Interesting - and i have a couple of things to respond to here:

    Firstly your point about advertising: its funny the stereotypes we are still willing to accept in adverts - even when they are tangentially or directly racist or sexist or whatever. Also - there are no homosexual couples in advertising and practically no older couples (unless advertising products for elderly people) - so what kind of a picture of the world are we showing people (incedentally my titles are usually loosely linked, but tangentally and i liked the title of this! It seemed oddly appropriate)

    Secondly - i wonder what this incident on the train says about our disposable society? If someone stole my walkman i'd be very upset - but would it be worth the risk of going after the thief?

  2. And what exactly were you thinking about that situation? Why do you think she smiled at you? I'm so curious.

    You better share your story.

    I interestingly also feel the same way about blogging. Sometimes, the time I have to comment on people's blogs IS the same time I actually post ... funny you thought the same thing.

    I learned about a new term the other day ... "racialized". Apparently, this is what I am. I find it interesting how everyone keeps coming up with new names for me *except* me.


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