Thursday, April 16, 2009

Prayer of the Refugee/Opium of the People

Couldn't decide which title to steal, so I put both.

Parental Advisory: Explicit Content

Wondering about my two managers. One is from Afghanistan, with experience in watching relatives and close friends be destroyed the tanks and copters of Communists Russians during the Cold War (see "Charlie Wilson's War"). In present day, he is quite forgetful and afraid of confrontation of any sort. In order to get out of it, he often does stupid things like ignore protocol or give merchandise away virtually free. The other manager either embraced or just simply live in a country of Communism (Czechoslovakia). After coming here in the midst of married life, she's had to grapple with Breast Cancer. Is often short-sighted in her managerial administration, which leads her to doing infamously dumb things. Often, if she doesn't see something happen in front of her eyes, it doesn't exist at all. Is their respective histories or current personalities the reason why they don't get along? Was thinking about this while washing my hands, and having to be subjected to hearing the bowel movements of two construction workers and a stock guy. I think one was cursed with Montezuma's revenge.

It wasn't really a busy day yesterday, and that struck up fears of a fresh wave of employee budget cuts happening again. I do not feel secure in this position, but I'm glad I still have it for the time being. After a morbid day's work. I came home and borrowed the car to get Wendy's food. I came back home and watch an episode of "Law and Order", about white people who were taking small children from Haiti and using them as slaves. While dipping chicken nuggets in cheese sauce, I found it, for some reason, quite difficult to fathom the idea of slave trafficking Haitians under the administration of an African president. People say the world is a beautiful place because God made it. That would make the Earth a lovely planet, but the world is nothing short of rat's bile.


  1. I know the world is like this, but we make it that way. I feel quite bad for your managers :(

  2. This Brazen TeacherApril 18, 2009 at 12:00 PM

    As cynical as this post is... I really liked how it was written. How poignant to contrast the consumerist "American dream" of dipping fast food in synthetic cheese, while watching such a mass produced, watered down television production... and contemplating the meaning of things. Beautiful :-)


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