Monday, May 18, 2009

Shadow Of The Day

Bollocks. New day, different dynamics.

Waiting for a cab, a nice man handed me the obligatory "WatchTower" booklet. As I took it, I wanted to peruse through it because it made me think of this cutaway joke in this one episode of "Family Guy". Peter was a Jehovah's Witness. He went to someone's house and when the man answered and Peter asked him something along the lines of "Would you like to hear about the word of the Lord?", the man said "Ok, sure." Peter, who is used to the door slamming in his face, was at a complete loss for he just described the plot line for "Quantum Leap" and put Christ as the main character. There was also another joke where the evil monkey that haunts Chris became a Witness, but I digress.

The cab driver arrives, a loud, frail man with a salt and pepper moustache and sunken in cheeks. He asks where I'm going and I tell him the address of my job. We began to drive. "Do you work there?" is what he starts with before he launches into having gone through 3 ex-wives, him furnishing "yet another" apartment, and him telling his last wife to "just give him the 19" T.V. that they use the least and she can have the rest". I get out at my job and pay him. As he drives off, I curse my faulty memory for making me leave "Watchtower" in the car.

Subtly interesting day. I'm not sure if I've written about this here before, but about three weeks back, the woman at my job who was a complete nuisance (to put it without vulgarity) was fired. She called another co-worker at my job a "stupid black woman". So, I've pretty much been working the sales floor myself. But one day last week, the nuisance came back to pick up her check. I stood by in my section and listened as she argued with the manager that she got paid less than she was supposed to, because, in her mind, she was supposed to be paid for a week after she was fired that she did not work. Perhaps, she made the bed in her house and, since it was any ole' work, any ole' person should pay her? Perhaps she has three imaginary friends like Russell Crowe in "A Beautiful Mind" who told that she should just be magically paid for no reason? I don't know, but at the end of her fussing I heard "I'm so sick of this (didn't hear).......that's why I'm glad I don't work here anymore." And she stormed out, purportedly murmuring to herself that she could beat up the manager anytime, anyplace. Bloody Hell.

A day in the life.


  1. This Brazen TeacherMay 18, 2009 at 9:44 PM

    No matter how "interesting" my day gets, it will never top a day in the life of The Samurai. You make me feel incredibly boring.

  2. I can't believe ur ex co-worker said that. Stupid cow. LOL i woulda liked to get my hand on one of those pamphlets... i really like to read about that kind of thing. And oh yeah, i stopped watching South Park for the reason that the makers reinforce their religious beliefs over and over, even more than evangelical preachers do.

  3. Racquel ValenciaMay 21, 2009 at 2:42 PM

    There's got to be an easier way to make a living than working for it.

    Also, one of my old bosses almost got fired for leaving one of those pamphlets in the staff room. The whole situation was so weird I didn't know who to root for.

  4. Don't Feed The PixiesMay 22, 2009 at 6:18 AM

    Christ as Sam Beckett?? Now that's an interesting thought.

    Come back Quantum Leap all is forgiven !

    Sometimes your whole perception of your job can hinge on one bad apple ruining it for everyone - probably for the best that she's gone


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