Monday, August 17, 2009

[caption id="attachment_435" align="aligncenter" width="269" caption="Afore named practice, perfectly captured."]Afore named practice, perfectly captured.[/caption]

Matthew 6:25-34

Very interesting. A bit more depressing and angering, but still interesting I guess.

Currently, the newspapers tell me the filthy Repubs are fighting and protesting Obama over him wanting to use Universal Health Care, tax medium and large employers who do not provide health care to their employees, and use a single payer health care system1, due to it seeming quite "socialist" in structure. People are purportedly protesting at town halls, outdoor meetings and the like. The liberals are angry with the concessions he's proposing or actually making, I don't remember which.

Meanwhile, at my job, I had a conversation with my idiot Communist Eastern European manager. During a sale we're to have, she expressed that she wished employees were forced to work from some ungodly hour in the morning until 8 or 9 at night, always standing and running around to force customers to buy merchandise they obviously can't afford, without breaks or anything in between.

I told her what she said was disturbing. She said "my problem" was that I don't go after every opportunity to make money, not aggressive enough, because of morals or whatever (her words). I'm supposed to be all about2 survival. All this from a woman who needs help just pulling paper from copy machine jams, and has had more complaints from customers than I can count. All this to me, who probably has been working here before she learned how to spell the term "labor laws", who has never been greedy or aggressive about sales and does just fine.

I told her her problem is that she thinks we're all supposed to be a bunch of bloodthirsty creatures clawing at each other's throats for every possible 2 cent sale we could force out of people. She says that's not true, and then tells me to forget what she said and just do whatever I want, which is basically the opposite of everything she wants me to do. I said ok, getting on that right away.

Everybody wants to survive (to kick others aside to make sure they have enough money for keeping up appearances), but no one wants to live (to help each other). I'd bet money that you'd find this paradigm at the root of each and every single problem in the world.

1) A system where money is taken from our taxes, collected by the government or some public administrative service, and distributed nationally amongst the doctors. This is instead of the doctors relying on the patients directly to make their salaries.

2) You do need to survive, but the struggle for individual survival should never take precedence over living your life (which for the idiots, does not simply mean just breathing, but affirming your being).