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Answering some Plinky questions 1/21/2010

Are you there, internet? It’s me, the Samurai. Once again, the thought-provoking site Plinky has e-mailed me a list of things worth pondering in the spare moments of life in today’s economic and political climate. I have to announce, though, that the nature of these questions will change in the future, as I personally selected the following 3 questions instead of them being randomly chosen, which would produce a truly heart/body/brain-picking blog post.
So then, I shall attack them and then be on with myself. Commence!

Posed on January 8th, 2011
Do you prefer to talk or text?

I was just arguing with an ex-friend who became un-ex’d about this. I much, much prefer to text.
I notice a lot of people complaining about how technology is distancing people from each other. That we are in the Wired Age and that all interaction goes into smartphones and iBooks way before they come into contact with actual people.
If you notice, before this age was the age of a lot more wars and conflict amongst distant countries and even in the countries themselves, where the North or West was completely disconnected from the East or South. Also, the age before this was the one where the only communication soldiers had with their families back home were letters and phone calls, as opposed to the Skyping that unites the two with live visual, audio communication that we have now. It was also vaguely the age where people who did not have money or status would not receive information about the poverty, death and disease that goes on in other parts of the world and be filled with the humanitarian spirit to speak on those things to others or go attend to them. The age before this was the one where life in different geographical areas would grow in completely different directions, until they would perchance meet and crash into each other and the streets would run with blood. But I digress.
I’m not a people person in the least. It used to greatly antagonize me to have to call someone and meet them just to ask the few simple questions “How are you?” and “What are you up to these days?”. A phone call to this effect is chock full of anxiety from awkward pauses and meek attempts to come up with stuff to talk about when there’s clearly nothing worth conversing on.
A text message is ultra-efficient in this situation; I can send a text asking those very questions, and continue to go on about my business while the recipient of said texts get back to me in their spare time. There is no forced attention on a conversation that has lost all relevance before it even started, no anxiety about forcing the phone call to be full of talk that isn’t there. If you want a clear picture of why phone calls, mixed with prudence, waste huge amounts of time and energy, go to link I placed above.

Posed on December 16th, 2010
If there were no consequences, what is the most evil thing you would do?

Hmmm….well…this would then suggest that I want to do evil and am only not doing it because I would have to pay for my actions; quite the picture of a soulless person, indeed.
Although, I’d be lying if I said I was above this. There are a few people on this earth who deserve some suffering time for things they’ve done, and a few corporations who’d be just fine if their banking accounts were Clandestinely tapped for a few million. But I’m afraid that that is all I have to say about that.

Posed on December 17th, 2010
Is it always better to know the truth, even when it hurts?

A principle that should be written in stone, I’d say.
An informed life is 10 times as important as an emotionally comfortable one, even rendering the latter an absolute sin in some cases. And I’m aware that saying this now may curse me to live out some situation that might make me want to eat those typed words, but even then I’m sure that I’d say the truth is the one and only valid option.

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  1. i happily put off phoning people for months on end and often find myself wordless in company so know where you are coming from. I think in some ways its true that text/internet means we're moving towards a society where we communicate less face to face (IE the neighbours over the fence) - but equally i would never have dreamed 10-15 years ago that it would become possible for me to have regular communications with someone as far away as yourself

    As for always knowing the truth, i'm not sure - i think there are times when it is better to live in hope.


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