Thursday, March 3, 2011

Analyze This 2

A dream:

I was going to some sort of corporate office to use their shower, which was right in someone's cubicle.
Some guy, a manager of some sort, asked me how the hell I managed to get in the building. I didn't know, so I left for the final time (it felt like using their shower was something I did on the regular basis)
Downstairs, it was a sunny day out with rich, blue skies and the whiteness of delineated clouds reflecting off the columns and rows of windows on the corporate building (many images of which can be seen here). Groups of people in business suits were going in and out of glass revolving doors to the lobby. Typical corporate machine imagery.
I start talking to some window washer, an older black guy, and he's telling me that if we board his elevating platform, we could wash the windows way up where the building meets the sky. I was not going for this, so I began to walk away.
The point-of-view in the dream began to move away, and suddenly I was a character in a video game, shooting a two-armed cannon at a creature of some sort. I had teammates. Then, I took off a virtual reality helmet in which that was playing out, and I was actually in an office that took up an entire building floor (I knew this but didn’t see it). Others were next to me and took off their helmets as well. I began to be yelled at by my supervisor for trying to work more hours than I was scheduled. So, I went to my supervisor’s room to start packing up to go home, and she asked me why I was leaving since it wasn’t time yet. Back in the room with the helmets, my co-worker, an older Asian guy, asked me what I wanted to do to pass the time. I suggested we go back in the video game. So we both put the helmets back on, and then I woke up.

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  1. there's a lott of nonsense talked about what dreams mean and what signifies what - the brain sorts things out and in the process we dream, but i don't know if it means any more than that.

    I tend to get anxiety dreams - where you've lost something or are trying to get back somewhere and cant -

    Sounds like work is on your mind in one way or another


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