Saturday, March 19, 2011

Answering some Plinky questions 3/19/2010

Good lord, man. Earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, the U.S. just launched an attack on Libya (while we're still in Afghanistan), The Jasmine Revolution in Egypt and new ones in Tunisia and one in China. What the hell is the world coming to? A long time ago, I plagiarized the question "Is life all war with periods of peace, or all peace with periods of war?" It appears to be one of those things that are pointless to ask for an answer, but rather an existentialist inquiry to inspire people to push life towards one side or the other. At any rate, it's been a while since I've come here, and my life is a bit too stressful to cover any one of those subjects in full detail for individual blog posts of their own, so, I'd like to task myself with a Plinky e-mail for blog updating purposes.

I choose one of the e-mails of random questions they send me, pick three random numbers (ranging from 1-6, usually) and try to answer one of those corresponding numbered questions. Answers are not always guaranteed, since no human person has a valid answer for everything. Here we go:

Posed on Tuesday, March 1st, 2011
Is chivalry dead?

Hmmm.........I guess, in some ways. I certainly won't say I was a fan of it. The idea of me having pre-written behaviors for my relations to the other sex is a pile of garbage, if, by "chivalry", we mean the whole make sure you hold the doors open for women and put your jacket in the puddle so they could step on it and taking more than the actually-needed chunks out of my life and mental energy to remember what should be said to a woman, and what kind of gifts to buy a woman, and the specific things done to honor their beauty and all that other rubbish.
These are things that should be done for everyone! Or I should say, if there are to be codes of conduct, they should point to the way of behavior towards human beings as a rational and loving people. And they should be done because they're heartfelt, not because they're obligatory to me as a man. There's more to say in order to clarify, but I'm a bit tired now. A future edit will come.

Posed on Sunday, February 27th, 2011
Describe your most embarrassing foot-in-mouth moment.

Off the top of my head, I don't remember one, although I'm sure one exists. In today's political climate, inappropriate comments do more good for society than proper ones (based on the individual's definition of proper, I guess). I usually associate what is and what is not proper to say with patriotism. So, perhaps the right-winged pundits deem it inappropriate to speak badly about your country. And consequentially this issue goes into the realm of lies and truth (only speak about the good things your country does, or about your country doing "good things", or go somewhere else). Of course, no true intellectual deems this kind of semantic trichotomy worth its salt, and so, an almost fervent rebellious religion of speaking out loudly against the country develops, in order to preserve the truth and an enlightened republic, instead of drinking the ridiculous conservative Kool-Aid and spouting "Our Country is the Best Country" all over the place for no reason other than pride and simple-mindedness.
But I digress.........I don't remember my most embarrassing foot-in-mouth moment, although I'm sure some would say it's my answer to the first question on this post. Or perhaps this answer.

Posed on Saturday, February 26th, 2011
What unusual food combination is surprisingly tasty?

What comes to mind upon reading this question is my friend Kevin, who, years ago, used to eat sandwiches composed of peanut better, jelly, and nacho-flavored DoritosTM. This was a most curious delicacy, but I've never worked up the testicular fortitude to try such a thing. Another dish that comes to mind is my ex's ex-best-friend's boyfriend, who used to eat chicken alfredo with ketchup. Now this was a terrible sight.
As for me, I'd probably have to say that chopped hot dogs in tomato sauce with rice is probably the tastiest unorthodox combination on my palate.


  1. Chivalry - i agree "good manners" and basically treating everyone the way you would like to be treated yourself is the way forward, regardless of gender, sexuality, skin tone, religion etc

    Foot In Mouth - oh too, too many to mention

    Taste sensation - as well as the main tastes that everyone knows about (sweet, sour, bitter, tart) there is also umami - which is essentially the taste of MSG and the reason we like foods with that in. It's a funny thing that it seems to be things that are bad for us that we prefer the taste of. No one is ever going to vote Brussel Sprouts as the flavour of the year - no matter how good they may be for you

  2. I love your answers even though I may not have understood your intro . Well done .


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