Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Near Government Shutdown

People try to stay neutral and give all political sides (which in the U.S. is primarily Democrat and Republican) a chance to govern in various situations, even if it’s just to be in the name of being open-minded. I read people’s comments in blogs, news articles and on Facebook about how people shouldn’t vote for politicians based on ideology, but rather on how they are proposing to address important issues of the time. I, a staunch liberal, try to adopt that outlook…but it’s a bit difficult for anyone with logic and humanity, in and out of politics, not to see patterns that constantly emerge every time a right-wing candidate gets a hold of power.

Just a week ago, a government shutdown, what would’ve been the 9th or 10th in American history, was almost going to be administrated by the Conservatives and Tea Party members in the House of Representatives and the Senate who wanted to stop Barack Obama from spending government money on programs for healthcare, unemployment, the arts and sciences and education.

A government shutdown means that employees who work directly for the government would’ve been sent home on non-pay status (unless exempted because people lives depend directly on their job) for an indeterminate amount of time, national parks, museums and monuments would be closed down and forced to lose potential revenue, patients stop being admitted into the National Institute of Health and toxic waste clean-up around the country comes to a halt, amongst other stuff. In an economy that’s just barely making its way back to a healthy state, the Repubs want to stop more people’s income, which will in turn ripple its way through society and affect others trying to make a living.

Since 2003, Dubya the Monster led our country into a sharp economic descent with his unnecessary and unjustified war in Iraq (which was primarily meant to claim the oil refineries in Iran for his and his Big Oil friends’ pockets). After his second term (which he won by his brother’s corruption) finished, Barack Obama stepped in and began initiatives to get people hired again, to get quality education to kids whose families wouldn’t be able to afford, to get healthcare to people who can’t afford it, amongst other things. The conservatives are up his ass because he began using government money to achieve these ends, although the nation is in debt.

Funny, since everyone will tell you that this recession is as bad as the one that occurred during World War II. And government spending is exactly what got the country out of the recession that time.

For the last few weeks, conservatives in the House of Reps and the Senate, with John Boehner as one of their head speakers, fought to pass a bill demanding as much as $70 billion in budget cuts, with the riders that the government stop sending “Abortion Funding” to Planned Parenthood, a national reproductive health services organization, and that they stop funding environmental policies, particularly one that would’ve installed Federal Wilderness Protection for a certain million-acre plot of undeveloped land in the West.

The Repubs say Obama is only installing the FWP to prevent private sector companies from coming in and drilling that land for oil. As far as I’m concerned, the idiots just made a solid case for him without him even saying anything.

But with the first rider, they’ve again proved that in order to espouse patriotism, you have to get rid of reality. The government funds Planned Parenthood so that they may be able to give treatment for STD’s, pregnancy testing, cancer screenings, birth control and other services to underprivileged women who can’t afford it. None of this money goes to abortion, patrons pay for those themselves. Not to mention the fact that abortions are an infinitesimal portion of the services that P.P. provides, despite the Repubs wanting to identify the entire organization as an “abortion center”.

But here’s the kicker in all this: if the Republicans were to have gone ahead with the government shutdown, pay would’ve been delayed for soldiers in Afghanistan and Libya and wherever the hell else there’s probable oil sources are.
The military, an institution usually shunned by liberals and praised as high as God Himself by the right-wing for being the symbol of what a “worthy” American looks like, would’ve had their pay taken away from them by the conservatives if the Federal Government didn’t stop their “abortion funding”. I hope soldiers are paying attention to this, so they may see the party that will actually make the military suffer if they can’t push their illogical and inhumane agenda on the nation.

I watched a video of a Fox News interview with Mike Huckabee where he was asked his opinion of this whole thing, and during his explanation that the Republicans should take whatever they’ve won from this battle and move on, he said that “The President, the Senate and the media will blame the Republicans” for the possible shutdown because “they won’t see it as ‘The Republicans were really trying to save America’”. Come, come now. I would think that modernism, or even post-modernism (perhaps especially), would completely decimate the mentality that bringing a country salvation means destroying its spirit. But the GOP still drags their antiquated ideals into today’s spotlight. And it’s still left to the more enlightened folk to fight these clowns.


  1. ok - so a party stopping government to get their way is hardly democratic (guess that's why they're Democrats and not Republicans?? har har)

    Yes - there is the argument that to get out of the recessession you have to spend money and invest in the future and I was pleased to see Barak's investment in health care particularly as I know its an issue in the US

    Here in the UK we tend to complain about the high taxes on everything, particularly fuel and cite Denmark and Europe as being much freer - but actually Denmark is more restrictive in different ways. Like with child support (moving on to your point about control) you get 100% child benefit for the first child, 50% for the second and nothing after that - which encourages people to have smaller families instead of the situation in the UK where having kids is often seen as a) a quick way onto the housing market and b) a source of income

  2. got that the wrong way wrong - Republicans and not Democrats even :)


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