Saturday, May 14, 2011

Answering some Plinky questions 5/14/2011

Oh…hello! Didn’t see you there! Welcome to another episode of The Samurai answers Plinky. I’ve decided to throw out the old formula of picking three random questions to answer, because I won’t have answers for them all. And some of the questions are kind of corny and clichéd. So, I picked these three questions for this time around:

Posed on Thursday, Oct 21st, 2010
Are you an optimist, a pessimist, or something else?

Hmm……I expect the worst from people, so I guess I’m a pessimist. I still have hope for a brighter future, so I guess I’m an optimist. I’m not sure either one of those concepts completely color my life viewpoint, but if I had to pick one, I’d say pessimist. Humans create their own reality, but they don’t always keep this in mind when they give in to destructive and shallow urges. Continually.
However, it is fully possible for them to put a general halt to this, and in the state of the world today (as well as throughout history), the more substantial human being lives, hopes, and strives for what is possible. Not what simply…….is.

Posed on Sunday, November 28th, 2010
Yay or nay: Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

I look at love as a solid affirmation and appreciation of a human being. To truly love someone is to do for them as you would do for yourself (with respect to their [moral] desires and well-being). As that stands, I think it would benefit a person to love them, so that even after you lose them, they come out of the relationship a changed and spiritually stronger person. So, I will say better to have loved and lost.
Note: this answer does not take into consideration a person you’ve loved that was a piece of shit.

Posed on Monday, October 11th, 2011
Your house is on fire. Which keepsake items do you grab, and why?

You see, this goes back to the question of whether a person is who they truly are when they just act out of a blind passion or when they first deliberate and plan. This could also yield some pretty sad personifications for people, including me.
I’d like to say that I’d grab my books, T.V., Xbox and cellphone (shows you what I value, right?). But I highly doubt I’d be able to carry a 6-foot bookshelf full of novels out during a fire, and the Xbox might be a bit of a hindrance, too. So I may attempt to grab other things that I actually have the strength and energy to salvage.
Clothes are replaceable, and I can sleep on the floor just fine. The items I listed are replaceable as well, but look at how much an Xbox and flat-screen T.V. costs! Replacing those takes much more work than replacing the clothes (replacing a bed is costly as well, but I can wait for that just fine). I can’t do without my novels, “Law and Order” repeats or “The Saboteur” game-time; those are things that will help me in the down time while I struggle to get back on my feet.


  1. I would guess that people would describe me as pessemistic - i would say i was realistic, but i'm not sure what the difference is

    Loved and lost - i think even if the person was a shit then everyone is probably due our attempt to show them love, if not in a relationship kinda way. I think you get something from giving your love, even if its not returned by someone worthy of it

    What would i save - after my partner and the cats...i'm going to say my guitar and my sax - and my novel. I'd hate to have to start it again now!


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